Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Plug in Black

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SKU: XR-023711 | UPC: 848518023711 | MPN: AE859 (0)

SKU: XR-023711 | UPC: 848518023711 | MPN: AE859 (0)

A unique tool from the Master Series, the Claw was designed to inspire epic pleasure as it stretches and stimulates. Spreading widely once inside, the Claw's four petals expand outward, opening the sensitive anal opening up to intense penetration.

To insert, squeeze the Claw to bring the petals together, forming a smooth taper. Gently push it into place and let go, allowing the shaft to spring apart. A hollow space runs up through the ultra wide triangular base- use it for even more penetration by fingers or toys, or for observation.

In body safe TPE elastomer, the Claw cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Most compatible with water based lubricants.
XR Brands
  • Length: 4.4"
  • Insertable Length: 3.9"
  • Girth: 11.75" at largest point
  • Width: 4" at largest point
  • Colour: Black
Based On 9 Reviews
Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Plug

Rush into the sky

When I first saw it, I was stunned, it was so huge in my hand, and my heart was immediately full of excitement and anticipation. The quality of the product is very high-end, the surface is very smooth, there is no sharp edge, the expansion part is very exciting, and the tunnel part is full of fantasy. At first you will feel a little scared, but more surprises, pleasure and orgasms come. Practice is the best place to start. After cleaning up, take a romantic hot bath with your lover. Start with a small plug slowly and fully lubricate. Then gradually enjoy the fun of expansion and humiliation. Once plug entered completely, it was not possible to use O.M.G. to describe the mood and feelings at that time. Totally worth buying and sharing with your lover, you must have???

Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Plug

Takes some work but like it

I always enjoy large but plugs but this was a challenge it worked out fine once I got used to the opening aspect highly recommend one of the nice things is a number of my buddies can do insertions through the opening without getting tied up into the peripherals

Claw Expanding Anal Dilator Plug

Stretch That Hole

Great for getting ready for bigger toys

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