Pure Plug Medium


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Pure Plug Medium

njoy 4.77 Based On 53 Reviews

Njoy (Anonymous)

A wonderful toy..... Temperature can be adjusted for different sensations and easy to keep clean as it is seamless. I would highly recommend it!!!

The Best! (Kinkygurl)

The best most comfortable starter to intermediate plug out there. it is the perfect size and weight. So comfortable that you can wear it all day if you like.

Excellent plug (Julie)

Love the cold metal feeling as it slides in. Has a great weight to it and never slips out.

Product description

Designed for pure pleasure in the bedroom or out in the world, this mid-sized member of njoy's Pure Plug family was created to provide seamlessly versatile anal bliss. In medical grade stainless steel polished to a mirror finish, the Pure Plug Medium combines a large contoured head with a tapered stem and body-conscious handle suited to longer term wear.

Curved to anatomical proportions, the Medium's smoothly tapered tip penetrates comfortably to admit a swollen shaft that stretches and stimulates while providing a coveted 'full' sensation. The weighty steel naturally angles upward, placing pressure on anal-placed sweet spots while reminding wearers of the Pure Plug's presence. Fitting comfortably between the cheeks, the Pure Plug's flattened handle and slim stem hold the bulb securely in place during playtime, private time or out in public.

njoy's 316 medical grade corrosion proof stainless steel material is absolutely non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized easily. Stainless steel in ultra receptive to temperature, so although the Pure Plug will be initially cold to the touch, it will warm quickly to meet body heat. Of course if you’re partial to temperature/sensation play, a few minutes in the fridge (avoid the freezer please!) will provide a more chilly experience; and likewise a quick dip in warm water will yield a warm and sensual toy for your pleasure. About the only thing you can do to damage your lovely njoy toy is to use an abrasive to clean them, so please don’t. Compatible with all lubricant types.

* The Pure Plug Medium weighs 7oz (200g).

  • Length: 4"
  • Insertable Length: 3"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Color: Silver

SKU: NJ-005 | UPC: 823259900040 | MPN: NJ-005 (26)

Ratings / Reviews

Pretty Much Perfect (Beaver von Munchausen)

Beautiful, shiny, great weight to the material, easy to clean, goes with any lube, great design that works with your body, perfect, perfect. The material is quite hard, but it's angled in a way that keeps it comfortable. I now own four nJoy toys and no regrets.

Amazing toy (Anonymous)

The best anal toy out there. Presentation is awesome, n size is amazing. Feels good while playing and while working and driving. By far the best toy out. Can't wait to try the Large n the other ones.

Worth the money (Anonymous)

This is hands down the best plug I own and I'm looking forward to getting the larger size. Comfortable, just enough weight to know it's there and not an issue for wear through the day. Very happy with this purchase.

Medium version of a great toy (ST)

After having purchased the NJOY fun wand and small version of this toy a few years ago it was time to add to the collection of NJOY products. Why? Because they are the best of the best when it comes to quality and feel.

As with all the NJOY products this mentioned quality is second to none. It feels great in your hand and even better in other places. As for the size of it I would say it probably compares well to more than a finger. As with some other reviews mentioned here the large might be a better "fit" but that is personal preference. If you had previous anal toy experience you can make a judgment yourself for size. For starters I think personally it's a decent size, knowing that there's bigger things to go after if you want to step it up a bit with the large version as well as with the Pure Plug 2.0.

Yes, the price tag makes you think about ordering twice maybe. But I can assure you that you won't be disappointed and it will be a toy that will or at least should stay with you forever. NO motors that can die or mechanical stuff that can break. It's fine to bring in the shower or bathtub. It just seems indestructible. We now also call the small and large versions as well as the Pure Plug 2.0 our own and it allows us to experience a whole variety of fun.

The metal allows for super simple cleaning and I don't want to forget about the temperature play that you can get out of this product!! A quick run under warm water and it's a completely different experience to having it cooled first.

Overall an amazing product to call your own for years and years to come!

Great fit (Sean’s wife)

The design, weight, and feel all make for a great experience. Quality product by Njoy.

Great size great feeling (Shane)

This toy is perfect. Excellent weight and size. Very comfortable for long use at work or just doing errands.

The weight! It's over... (JT8)

The shape is great and the weight is even better. When your moving its inertia is noticable ;).
Sometimes the handle irritates a bit over a longer session.

Very nice plug. (Anonymous)

Excellent quality and works very well to warm her up for more...

Ah, Njoy (DLH)

It doesn't come any better than Njoy products. The weight, the glide, they're absolutely flawless, perfect, luxurious. With a little Sliquid silver nothing, and I repeat nothing has ever gone into my ass as easily as this.

Love this PLUG! (Anonymous)

(male) I love this plug! big enough to feel full while small enough to not require a ton of prep. Comfy for all day wear and heavy enough to tap the prostate when moving. Can't get enough of it! Last time I used it I wore for 4+ hours and was leaking pre-cum the entire time. Buy it, wear it, love it!

great! but not large. (Anonymous)

i have all the njoy plugs and toys, and i really love them. theres just no way to understand how much better these are until you try them - the weight adds so much to it and its perfectly shaped. the only problem i have is that these seem to be geared to serious beginners - the large is what should really be a medium, even for those who arent super into anal. this (the large) is also the only one where the weight is enough to really amp the experience up. but thats a pet peeve about labelling and marketing and stuff. the product is fantastic, as always from njoy

A Good Starter! (Zorro)

This plug feels great! We both use it when we want to boost the naughty meter. Don't be reluctant to try anal play if you are a first timer. The medium is a good starter. You won't be disappointed.

A Must in the collection. (Zorro)

This thing feels great! We both use it when we want to boost the naughty meter. Don't be reluctant to try ass play if you are a first timer. The medium is just the right size. You won't be disappointed!

Njoy Plug! (Roxy)

Love all Njoy products. Was hesitant on the price but worth every penny. Njoy plug best complimented with the Njoy pure wand!

Very comfortable to wear (Anonymous)

Great plug to start with and can be used during intercourse or to wear around for some stimulation all day or before the deed. It's not super heavy so it's comfortable for extended wear and is so easy to clean. It's just enough for a bit of a reminder that it is there. Would recommend for anyone starting out. Also works with any lube.

Omg yes. (Anonymous)

So... I got this because a bunch of my friends had them and raved about it, and so I'm joining the choir. Holy wow is this amazing. The weight is lovely, the feel is perfect, the packaging shows care... It's fantastic. Can't wait 'til I can upgrade!

Wonderful Medium plug (Chris)

This is a great plug that is very enjoyable for long term wear. The Njoy line of plugs has become our favourite and is quickly replacing our other anal plugs.

As with all Njoy toys, the quality is fantastic. Just a small amount of lube goes a long way and it's dead simple to clean.

Amazing toy! (Morgan)

I have tried a few anal toys over the past few years, and had always wanted an njoy pure plug. Now that I finally got this one (the medium), I'm pleased to say that this plug is worth every penny. Seriously, if you're a fan of butt plugs, you really need one of these in your toy box. It goes in super easily with a bit of silicone lube (all I have in the house right now), and is just awesome!

Beautiful (Anonymous)

Great shape and design.

Great but careful about sizes (Anonymous)

This thing is great! Just like the person above though .... Order a size up from what you'd think. The medium is a pretty good size for someone who has little experience with anal play. If you have some experience or can get a finger in there easily the large may be a better choice. Otherwise this product is great. Super nice looking, super nice feeling and washes up super easy

The perfect all day, all play plug!!! (K&T)

Well this plug is my favourite for now. It's the perfect size n weight for all day wear. I can wear this plug for over 12hrs with out an issue and I don't need to relube like other people stated. I love the metal weight and feel and especially the fact that very little lube is required to insert and enjoy these toys.

Also the temperature play options that this toy gives you adds a whole new experience.

The cleanliness of metal toys is for more superior than any plastic or silicone and the look and weight just makes it that much more masculine.

Awesome (Anonymous)

I've bought this plug for my girlfriend at first, but last night, she convince me to try it on me. Wow, that change my view on missionary, I'm not sure if it was my movement, or the weight of the plug, but we are definitively going to explore more with it.

Wow Wow Wow!!! (K@T)

This plug is an absolute dream. it is the perfect size for all day wear or play wear. it is shaped and designed for easy insertion and seems to slip in way smoother than any other materials i have used. it is nice to warm up before use or a little punishment and cool it before use. it is a breeze to clean and has no crevices for anything to hide in.

we purchased a 3 piece set this plug the pfun, and the 2.0. all are great and fun to use and they all get used equally depending on the day and mood!

also i know its a bit of money but trust me i have gone threw more cheap stuff then this item is worth and pink cherry has the absolute best prices to be found for njoy products.

Very Pleased (J)

I would highly recommened you get this toy if you are are even remotely considering it.

The metal and weight feel great, and it is well worth the price. It might be a little small for me being a sightly experienced male so maybe consider getting a large.

Get it! (Anonymous)

Not my first anal toy but absolutely my new favourite. I was hesitant about the medium thinking it might be to big, it wasn't and the metal really makes insertion easier then other toys.

Cant wait to work up to a larger one or other Njoy products

Extreme High Quality (Anonymous)

First of all, the shipping and customer service is awesome. I received the order the next day and it was very nicely packaged. The plug is the best one that I have and I have a large collection. The appearance of stainless steel handle on the plug once it is inserted is extremely erotic. The plug is engineered to hit all the right spots and when coupled with my magic wand I was squirting in only a few minutes. The stainless steel is easily cleaned and sanitized so I could use it on my husband for a prostate massage. Would like to try the large someday.

OMG! (Patrick)

After reading lots of review I finally settled on the pure plug as my FIRST toy every bought for myself. I was not disappointed, the quality is amazing, easy to clean and take care of. It's smooth metal made it easy for insertion with a little lube and warm up. Once inside its not easily forgotten. The weight alone is a constant reminder of its presents. The handle makes for easy manipulation and control of the plug. The size is perfect for a beginner not to big but not to small. The small neck and large bulb relieve and fear of it falling out even with its substantial weight. I would highly recommend this toy for anyone and everyone. Love it!

wonderful experience (ric)

Excellent starter for a wonderful experiment.Using it for a good internal massage at first but now also great for personal use while nobody even knows it's in.Now considering an even larger one to heighten the fun and stimulation.

Great prostate stimulator while u work (yashica)

Sitting at your desk will never be the same for you again. It's such a pleasure to work. Keep clenching and releasing your glute muscles and you can feel the plug rub up and down against your prostate. It really works well.

The Best Toy I've ever Tried (MR)

This toy is beautifully presented in its box, well designed and manufactured of high quality metal and visually elegant. The weight is surprisingly heavy and makes its presence known in a most enjoyable way. My husband and I both found that it enhanced and intensified our sexual experience. I like the way it changes temperature, is easy to insert and easy to clean. By far one of the best toys I have ever used and we both highly recommend it. Enjoy!