Anal Initiation Kit in Purple

Doc Johnson 4.11 Based On 18 Reviews



Always wanted to try one and this was an awesome way to start experimenting!


Fun to try

Excellent starter size with manageable increases in size.


Good sizes !

Good starter kit !!

Product description

Designed to help ease the transition from anal play beginner to novice and expert status, this trio of soft jelly plugs allow for a gradual and comfortable introduction leading to an excitingly full finish.

Containing three identically shaped plugs in three distinct Small (3"/7.6cm), Medium (4"/10.2cm) and Large (5"/12.7cm)sizes, the Anal Initiation Kit allows for extra smooth graduation. The tapered tip and gentle swell of each comfortably stretches the anal opening, naturally stimulating inner sweet spots once in place. A nice wide base and the bottom of each plug prevents the plug from slipping in too far.

In seamless PVC, the supple jelly surface of each plug cleans easily and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy care fluid./foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lube.

* Please note that measurements below represent the largest plug

  • Length: 4.75"
  • Insertable Length: 4.25"
  • Girth: 4.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Color: Purple

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Ratings / Reviews

Good Deal

This was a good product at a good price. The only negative was i would have liked them to be more sturdy.


Happy Outcome

As almost all have said the small one is to small
The middle one was a great starter and worked amazingly, once you work up to the large one you won't be disappointed, we've found it stays in, in pretty much any situation!! Lots of fun


Good sizes for beginners!

More flexable then expected but all around good sizes for beginners



Great kit for someone to start with. It does the job!


Great for beginners

The smallest one is reeeaallly small, but nice if you're just getting used to the feel of a plug. There is a big difference in size between the small and large, how ever I found the large one to be a good step up from the medium.

Overall they are comfortable and easy to use.

Needed to give them a few good washes out of the packaging though as they had a very strong smell.


A bit small

Nice feel and look cute. I am new to anal play so I liked the idea of different sizes. I found the small size was too small. The medium was a decent size to start. With all of the sizes I found there wasn t enough resistance to keep the plug in snugly. Because I m new maybe I was doing it wrong. Will be fine for you tight-asses.


Perfect except

No concerns with these at all ... except the first one (smallest) pops out easy. Middle one will pop out during sex. The largest one stays in nice.


Nice but pops out.

as other have said the small one is too small, and the medium one stayed in only once, the first time I wore it (at work). I was a bit tense and in a hurry, so I lightly hurt myself and my anus was stressed, staying quite tight to keep it in.
Took my time second time I tried the medium one and it popped right out before I had time to buckle up. The smoothness of the plugs and progressive shape are perfect, but the narrow part is too short for me.


Almost Perfection

I agree with a lot of the other reviews saying the small one is too small. It kept slipping right out of me. The jelly material is so perfect and comfortable though, not to mention the gorgeous colour.

Before I used them to prep for anal, I actually used the larger 2 to prep for my very first time with vaginal insertion. Because the tip is so narrow and they are pretty short (for vaginal use) it JUST hit the muscle enough to start loosening it without any of that first-timer pain.


Perfect for starters

Bought for my wife to try out and she fell in love. Smallest is a little to small but other are great starters.


Good starter kit

Like most have said, the small one is too small but the middle one is great! Haven't worked up to the large one yet.



As other comments say, the small one is to small. I really like the medium one, I quickly tried the large and it's a little to big right now. I don't like the base of the toys, they make it uncomfortable to wear.


Love the different sizes

I picked this one because it had 3 different sizes and I've never ordered online before so I wasn't sure. I love how they're soft enough to not feel rough on begginers to anal play. I don't like how small the smallest size is. But the middle size and large are perfect. They don't stay in place too well but it does the trick.



The small one is too small, but the middle one is really good. Haven't yet tried the biggest one.


Almost perfect

It does the job, but the small one it just a little bit too small. I know these are trainers, but the small one was too small after 2 uses.