Fetish Fantasy Metal Leg Cuffs

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SKU: PD-3807-00 | UPC: 603912149944 | MPN: PD380700 (0)

SKU: PD-3807-00 | UPC: 603912149944 | MPN: PD380700 (0)

The ideal accessory for any bondage enthusiast, the Metal Leg Cuffs are a heavy duty treat. Made from solid steel, the cuffs feature a double locking mechanism that makes sure the sensitive ankles don't get pinched, crushed or too tightly squeezed, all while keeping them securely bound. Attached together by a long chain, you can use your imagination and other restrains you may already own to position and secure your playmate for your pleasure. Two keys included.
Based On 4 Reviews

The leg cuffs to buy

For those wishing to take the plunge into the world of bondage, handcuffs immediately leap to mind. But, what about the legs? Well, these leg cuffs are a good way to go.


Nice restraints

Really enjoyed using these, The metal locking cuffs is a nice change of pace from the leather or cloth/ Velcro. The chain feels substantial enough to survive some jerking and thrashing movements.


A must have

I've wanted some ankle cuffs for ages but they're typically terribly over priced so I thought I've give these a try. They're far nicer than I was expecting and the chain is the perfect length. The quick release is a really nice feature, which is good because the keys don't seem to work very well lol
They actually adjust enough so that they can be used (loosely) on the wrists so I've purchased a second pair. Definitely a must have for the toy chest.

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