Everything You Need 12 Piece Bedspreader Set

Electric Eel

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SKU: ZZEE-218068 | UPC: 4890808218068 | MPN: LF2003 (329)

SKU: ZZEE-218068 | UPC: 4890808218068 | MPN: LF2003 (329)

When you hear that something has 'everything you need', you're probably a bit skeptical if you're anything like us. Here's the thing though: the 12 Piece Bedspreader Set by Lux Fetish really does have everything you need - if what you need is a fully stocked play kit ready for all the imaginative bound-up fun you can think of. Also, there are technically 13 pieces!

Seriously, the treats in this kit are up for anything. You can start with a classic Bedspreader Bed bondage set that slips easily under any sized mattress, leaving four cuffs free to lock up a partner's wrists and ankles. Cuffs are included, but there are another set of wrists cuffs, too. These ones can be used any way you see fit, or with the Door Restraint. Slip the acrylic stopper over top of the door, close the door and play away.

Once you or your playmate is locked up, positioned or otherwise restrained (perhaps with the glossy Bondage Tape), you can explore sensation with the Spanking Paddle or a classic Faux Leather Flogger. Silence them with an included adjustable breathable Ball Bag while you control every movement using the Collar & Leash. 

Give pegging a go with the simple Strap-On harness and sleek silicone Dildo - these two pieces are perfect for pegging beginners, but not to worry, they'll satisfy anal connoisseurs, too.

If you want to keep them in the dark, slip the Blindfold over their eyes, before donning the Cat's Eye Domination Mask for an exciting hint of anonymity. Maybe you'll have attached the X-Nipple Pasties beforehand maybe not!

Of course, all these pieces are fully interchangeable, and can be used to enhance playtime any way you like. On the other hand, trying to make use of each and every one in a single play session would be a very sexy challenge. Up for it?

  • Bed Bondage Bedspreader system with 4 cuffs
  • Door Restraint Strap
  • 2 additional Classic Bedspreader Cuffs
  • Classic blackout blindfold
  • Cat's Eye domination mask
  • Collar & Leash set
  • Strap-on harness 
  • 5" silicone pegging dildo
  • Black bondage tape
  • Faux leather flogger
  • Faux leather spanking paddle
  • X Nipple pasties
  • Breathable ball gag
  • Storage bag
Electric Eel