Enchanted Cuffs & Blindfold Kit

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SKU: SS-099244 | UPC: 646709099244 | MPN: SS09924 (20)

SKU: SS-099244 | UPC: 646709099244 | MPN: SS09924 (20)

A sexy little set perfect for beginners and beyond, the Enchanted Kit from Sex & Mischief was designed specifically to enhance all sorts of playful scenarios.

Nice and thick, a pair of burgundy velvet faced toggle cuffs fit securely over a mate's wrists or ankles, immobilizing while leaving a little wiggle room courtesy of a swiveling clasp. The clasp connects each- though it can be removed entirely and the cuffs linked up to any contemptible gear.

Plush and extra soft, the classic blindfold features matching burgundy velvet and a slimmer shape that fits comfortably and securely. A wide elastic backband positions over the face.

* Each cuff fits up to approximately 5" (12.7cm) in diameter
Based On 1 Reviews
Enchanted Cuffs & Blindfold Kit

Beautiful Rich Red

Very pretty but the vinyl strap is a little bit stiff. They would fit someone with massive wrists - I found that a bit odd. Otherwise they re fine if you re just looking for light play - more for the idea rather than an actual restraint.

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