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Great support

My husband found this very helpful, said he felt like he didn't have to hold my legs up. He starting using the straps to help with thrust.


Fack me!

My hubby bought this a long time ago and I was never willing to let him try it.....till last night. I can t stop thinking about it so I thought I d send in a review. One of the most satisfying experiences of my life. Once I was in position he put me in handcuffs and put on a blindfold. Ladies, always be open to new things!


A must have for long sessions

The GF and I love these straps and especially for the price. Once or twice a week we like to go for 2-3 hours and these do the job just wonderfully. If not these another type or brand can help at anytime.

Product description

An excitingly functional, blissfully versatile couple's pleasure tool from Lux Fetish, the Position Pal combines security and support with supreme comfort, offering playmates the deepest penetration and ultimate control over angle and position.

Holding the legs of a captive mate up in the air, set of plushy, velcro-fastened ankle cuffs circle the base of the legs or feet. Fully adjustable straps lengthen or shorten the space between cuffs and an extremely soft, comfortably curved neck cushion- they're easily adjusted to desired tension, and accessible by both partners.

With legs held high and hips angled to suit height differences and various positions, access to the g-spot and other inner erogenous zones is greatly increased; the Pal is ideal for marathon sessions and perfect for those with strength or mobility limitations. Fully machine washable.

SKU: EE-042854 | UPC: 4890808042854 | MPN: LF1332 (59)

SKU: EE-042854  |  UPC: 4890808042854 |  MPN: LF1332 (59)

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Ratings / Reviews

First time user

My boy friend and I both LOVED this!! He and I both really liked how easy it was to hold multiple positions and easy to control our movements to the perfect spots! I personally tend to get cramps in my legs which really sucks in the middle of so much fun! I had no cramps when using the potion pal which was awesome!



This is such a simple thing but does an amazing job!! Easy to use doesn t hurt at the feet or behind the head



FAN TASTIC Use it with inflatable pillow and bottom out every time


Works well

Works exactly as stated can get in the way sometimes but is very nice for holding up your legs with less fatigue


great for holding the legs apart

well worth the money.. holds the legs nicely apart..


Fantastic for missionary

We both tried this for missionary she loved the way it would hold her legs for deep penetration. I used it during pegging but found the cuffs too small and the straps too short.


Really helps

This is very good for long sessions really helps keep your legs up. To bad the restraints are a little bigger so you could also use on the thighs. But does whats its suppose to do .



Just finished using it and holy cow it was so useful and helped keep my legs up for the right angle and use the inflatable pillow and what a great combo