X-10 Anal Beads in Blue


Based On 56 Reviews

X-10 Anal Beads in Blue

CalExotics Based On 56 Reviews

Great First Beads. (JR)

These beads fit me well, not to large and inserted easy for a first time user. My wife purchased these for me to experiment and I love the feeling they give me. I wear the all the time now just around the house to get worked up and juicy for my wife. After a couple of hours of wearing I beg my wife for sex. I enjoy wearing during sex with my wife and she knows how to work them to give me a ultimate orgasm.

out of this world (Anonymous)

Bought this for my husband and i. And the experience was out of this world amazing.

crazy (Anonymous)

Work like a charm!

Product description

Extra slick, perfectly graduated and wonderfully hygienic, California Exotic's X-10 version of a complete anal pleasure classic features super-smooth PVC construction, extremely manageable styling and a flexible, forgiving feel that's nevertheless very satisfying.

Ideal for many levels of anal experience, but absolutely perfect for beginners, the X-10 Beads range gradually from a very small (1/4 inch) starter bead to a more filling final sphere, letting cautious players ease very gently into the insertion process. Seamless and supple, the entire strand is pliable and extremely easy to handle, a large ringed handle provides a sturdy grip at all times.

Of a body safe, phthalate free PVC, the Beads are easy to clean and maintain- simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation will see this backdoor piece thoroughly sanitized and ready to play. Always use lots of a good water based lubricant with the Beads for maximum comfort and pleasure.

  • Length: 12.25"
  • Insertable Length: 10.5"
  • Girth: 3.25" at largest point
  • Width: 0.9" at largest point
  • Color: Blue

SKU: CE-1233-12-2 | UPC: 716770017918 | MPN: SE-1233-12-2 (57)

Ratings / Reviews

Good Quality (Anonymous)

This is a great value for the quality of the product. It has smaller and larger beads to suit all needs and is very smooth and easy to insert.

If you have any curiosity about what anal beads are about............ (IsPlaytime)

Then just throw down the $5 on these. No reason not to at that price, if you don't care for what they do, big deal. This is the starter size but still goes big enough for the experienced user to get some stimulation.


I used this on my young sub boy who about jumped throught the ceiling when I pulled them out while he acheived orgasm. Just watching him got me to bust one all over him too.

cum getter (barry)

you will have a full orgasm when she pulls these out

Great (--)

I purchased these as I enjoy anal play with my wife, and thought she might like them. These are very well made and safe. Very easy to insert, and the largest bead is "just right" for the intermediate user. With the largest bead in, ANY touch sends her over the edge.

Too hard (Shannon)

A little too hard for my taste. First anal beads ive ever owned so i wasnt sure what to look for, i prefer silicone instead of plastic. They could be a little bigger

Perfect length! (Anonymous)

These anal beads are the perfect size & length for me. Having 10 different sizes was a good idea.

Anal delights (Pleased)

Small size, big punch.
Easy to insert with lube, easy to clean.

awesome but... (Sharon)

These were great! Super easy to use, super easy to clean and did everything advertised. I'm a first timer so I needed user friendly and something that I could grow with. Only problem I've found is there is a little seam on the sides which is kind of sharp so needs to be filed down or smoothed out. Other than that great!

Perfect (Anonymous)

Ideal for beginners, great sensation

Good (D.m)

I usually stick to silicon but gave these a shot, not bad! I prefer the silicon types for a more body safe option but these are fun for once in a while.

Nice start for beginner (Lisa)

I ordered these for my Boyfriend who wanted to venture into anal play. He was slighty intimidated looking at the last beads. Once he was turned on and ready, I slipped them in, and he couldn't get enough. He had a very satisfying orgasm. And asks for them every time we play. I would absolutely recommend these for folks just starting to venture out into anal play, and even for people who are familiar with these types of toys. Also, very easy to clean!! Which is a big plus.

Wow! (Julien)

C'est tellement plaisant de retirer les billes une à la fois. Le petit "pop" que ça fait à chaque fois est tout simplement excitant!

Awesome (Anonymous)

First for me and couldn't be happier.... they definitely lead to a quick orgasm

Good (G)

Works well in making your way up to bigger beads.

Good (Anonymous)

For the price, it's pretty good. As a first time user, I was surprised to be able to get quite a bit of it in. The last few beads are a decent size, I liked that they were bigger in girth and width than most of the other starter beads that don't look to change in size.

great for beginner (Anonymous)

These are a quality product that you can use with confidence. I used for the first time and very enjoyable. Easy to store and clean up.

Wow! (Anonymous)

I love these beads! They are extremely comfortable and easy to use! They feel great, and the colour is really nice.

Good for beginners (Anonymous)

Works well

Perfect for beginners. (Anonymous)

These beads I found very great for me. I am a beginner and I could go at my pace without feeling I had to put them all in. As I keep practicing I am finding I can go one more. Very comfortable and easy to insert and remove!

Fun (Anonymous)

Girlfriend and I love playing with the new beads, she loves to have them in her and enjoys playing with them! Super fun!

First timers (Des)

My wife has been interested in trying new things, so I bought these. I discovered I am not into using them, but she has loved it! She appreciated that they start small, and let her decide how big to go.

A good step (Mike)

These are a good size upgrade from the beginner beads

Great! (Alli)

Good for beginners. Flexable, love it!

Satisfying (Anonymous)

These were my first anal toy. Gives me a nice full feeling without being painful. Highly recommend

Explosive orgasms (Anonymous)

Mine had rough seams in the middle so you might want to file it down a bit. Otherwise, they feel great and go pretty deep inside you. Can't really go wrong for the price!

A lil too long for beginners (Anonymous)

feels great for anal play! Definately a must to have if you enjoy long beads.

Love them (Anonymous)

I bought them for my wife as her first anal toy and she fell in love!!!! We use them often!!

Great starter (neco)

I found these are a good start, they are easy to use and the small starting size makes me less anxious about using it. Well worth the money. no regrets here.

Awesome first experience! (Samantha)

Been trying new things lately and when we got these we tried them right away great size and felt awesome. Easy to use and very comfortable I definitely recommend them and have to my friends.