WhipSmart Angle Master Adjustable Sex Machine


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SKU: XGEN-009688 | UPC: 848416009688 | MPN: WS1025 (8)

SKU: XGEN-009688 | UPC: 848416009688 | MPN: WS1025 (8)

Look up the word 'thrusting' in a dictionary, and you'll find out that it refers to a driving force produced by a mechanism such as an aircraft engine. Motors are cool and all, and if you find them sexy, great! For now, though, we'd prefer to focus on the non-technical definition of thrusting, at least as it applies to WhipSmart's Angle Master Adjustable Sex Machine. The driving force for this power-packed pleasure tool is your or your partner's extreme enjoyment.

Packing a ridiculous amount of power into a sturdy, conveniently adjustable design, the electricity-powered Angle Master can thrust up to 180 times per minute at any angle you need (up to 90 degrees). You'll feel the in-and-out power through two included realistic dildos or any suction-based toy you love. The Angle Master comes with a suction mount for easy hookups to your favourite suction dildo(s).

Speaking of suction cups, the Angle Master's sturdy base secures on floors or counters with four of them. Of course, you'll be able to set the height, angle, and angle of the thrusting arm, but if you find yourself or your partner needing more length, an extender arm is also included.

To get started, set your Sex Machine to the perfect angle, attach your choice of penetrator, and plug it in. You'll need to have the remote hooked up, so make sure it's plugged into one of the jack-pin inputs on the side of your Machine. Find your ideal thrust speed by spinning the remote's dial up to increase and down to decrease.

Wipe down the Machine with a soft cloth after disconnecting from the power. Please do NOT use it in or around water.


  • Angle Master Machine
  • 2 x 6 Inch realistic dildos
  • 10.5" metal extender bar
  • 4 suction mounts
  • Remote 
  • Plug-In power adapter
  • Instructions