Ultra Lube in 16oz/473ml

Doc Johnson

Based On 34 Reviews

Ultra Lube in 16oz/473ml

Doc Johnson 4.71 Based On 34 Reviews

Perfect (Loulou)

Not too watery nor too thick, this is my favourite, the 16 oz size is really worth it!

great (Anonymous)

great product for the price

The Best (Anonymous)

This is the best lube I have ever tried.

Product description

Get the most out of sex and more enjoyment from your toys with Ultra Lube. The slick water based formula has a thicker liquid feel, it pours easily, but stays put, and it's ultra long lasting. Safe to use with all toy materials as well as for skin to skin contact, this is a great multi-purpose lubricant that will suit all your sexual purposes perfectly; it washes off easily with water and won't stain clothing or sheets. Bottle contains 16oz/437ml.

  • Size: 16 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Unscented

SKU: DJ-1374-16-BU | UPC: 782421370404 | MPN: 1374-16-BU (89)

Ratings / Reviews

Wonderful! (Amber)

Received this as a gift and it's amazing! Not runny stays where I put it and is a good water-based lubricant! My only complaint is that i wish it came as a pump bottle, but the lubricant is great!

Won't run out soon (R)

Great Value. Apple fragrance (which works great, actually). Thick texture, more like a gel. As with all water-based lubes, dries out fairly quickly when used externally. Lasts a long time internally, so buy it for that.

Good (Anonymous)

Good for the price. It does dry up fairly quickly but just add water and it's back to new.

buy it (Anonymous)

Worth it, worth it, worth it!!! Best value and works flawlessly. Just add it to your cart already

EXCELLENT (Anonymous)


Slippery when wet!! (MJ)

This is great lube, I love how this lube doesn't get sticky like may other ones we have tried. A little goes a long way with this stuff. Definitely my go to from now on, better than any lube I have purchased from a drug store. If your looking for a great lube, give this stuff a try you won't be disappointed.

Great lube! (Anonymous)

I love that it's a little thicker than the Colt Slick I used previously

#WeKnowItFitsAndWorks (Day4Night)

My girl and I wanted to try a different type of lube for anal sex, and this one works better than expected, and better than all others. Nice and clean, leaves no stains afterwards, and even has a sweet taste to it if you get it on your lips.

The Best (Anonymous)

This is my favourite lube by far. So much in fact, that I just bought another 4 bottles while on sale. You need so little at a time, and it lasts so long, that I probably have enough to last many years. Not exaggerating. It doesn’t get sticky, little to no need to reapply and it only requires a small dollop to begin with. Very smooth. All the other lubes I have will never get used again.

Tried ‘em all...this is the BEST (Stephen)

As the title says, this is the best lube ever! It is really slick, feels great, ordourless, last a long time, doesn’t need to be reapplied and it NEVER gets tacky or sticky!
I have used tons of different lubes and this will be the only I’ll buy from now on. It’s a big bottle at a good price. Really good value!

Very Good Product (Rob)

Have used all different types of water based lube and can say this is a very good product at a very good price point.

Great - Recommended (crystalgirl)

Great price for a great lube. Don't need a lot and it goes along way. Works well for single or partner play. It does not stain clothing or bed linens. Works well with toys as it is water based. It does the job it is intended to do. I am very impressed and have just ordered another bottle so I don't run out.

Slippery When Wet...Just Like It Should Be (Anonymous)

They are not kidding when they call it Ultra Lube. It is thin, so you do not have to apply a lot, it doesn't seem to leave any stains on clothes or sheets, and it does the job it's intended too, with ease! Very impressed, and I will be buying more of this brand from now on.

Great (Anonymous)

Great lube! Big bottle for the price but you'll need a good amount to really enjoy it to the best

Buy it now! (Anonymous)

This is the thickest water based lube I've had and it's unbelievable how well it stays in place and yet doesn't become tacky once it starts to dry. And it's only $20 for 16oz, normally you only get 8oz for that price. I didn't even need lube when I bought this but I had to try it and I don't think I'll be getting any other brands any time soon

Mr (Gary)

Large size. Lasts and not too sticky

The Best (Anonymous)

There is no other product on the
market as good as Ultra Lube.I
have fantastic orgasms when I use
this with my Fleshlight.

Slick stuff (Shawn)

This is by far one of the best lubes on the market a little goes a long way.

great (steve)

This is great lube big bottle for cheap price


This is the only lube I buy mainly because of the quantity you get for the price as well as it being a great product.
This lube has a nice thick texture so it doesn't just drip everywher

My new go to (Anonymous)

I've tried a few lubes for anal play and this is now my default. A good amount for its price, slippery as come, lasts a good while, and while not heavy it is thicker than my past lubes which is a bonus for me.

Daaaaaaamn! (PistonP)

So anyone with a half decent toy collection knows you need a good quality lubricant to enjoy it to the max, my girlfriend and I have tried many different brands, many different types, even ordered online from online auction websites selling things from China, that we thought were more affordable at the time, until I decided to browse this site for lube..
Let me tell you something, I was very pleasantly surprised at how good of a quality and long lasting this bottle was, it is freaking huge! But not overly huge that you cannot hide it lol let's just say I will be buying this one more often.. Definitely definitely definitely well worth the money, and you are getting more than your money's worth! I call it how I see it.. For better or for worse.. And in this case 5 stars all the way

Great (Alex)

Bottle is huge. Tons of lube should last a while. Also the quality of the lube is good too.

Decent (Jay)

Not the best out there but good for the price. Thick stuff!

A+ (Anonymous)


The bottle is HUGE (Muff in Cuff)

There is really nothing wrong with this lube. It's water based so it does dry out. But it's far better than other water based lubes I've used. I would recommend it for anything you NEED water based lubricants for.

Worth it (K)


I bought this product for the first time as I find Lube is usually frickin expensive with only a little amount in the bottle.
Works great for what I use it for.

Doesn't Last Long (Anonymous)

Great price, subpar endurance.
It's not terrible, but it begins to dry out after a few minutes. Then I add water to remoisturize the lube, and it's fine for awhile longer.
Use liberal amounts and don't hesitate to add water when it begins to dry out. If you do this, you'll get your money's worth.

Great bang for your buck (Anonymous)

I got mine in the mail and tried a little bit on my fingers and it seemed alright. It wasn't until I used it with my toy did I realise that it was a great value. I little went a long way. Excellent value!

Wow! (Anonymous)

This stuff is the best! I now own 2 big bottles and will own more in the future!
I am stocked up for a while. When it was on sale for 40% off, who could resist?
It's thickness is like gel and a little goes a long way(or until your done)
Easy clean up with just water.
Highly recommended!