Strict Bed Restraint Kit

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SKU: XR-024244 | UPC: 848518024244 | MPN: AE921 (0)

SKU: XR-024244 | UPC: 848518024244 | MPN: AE921 (0)

As fun as super-adventurous out-in-public, hotel room or other sneaky sex shenanigans can be, sometimes, there's just nothing like your own bed for down n' dirty doings. Helping turn your comfy haven of sleep and sex into a kink-ready playground of bound-up potential comes the classic Bed Restraint Kit from Strict. 

Adjusting to fit any mattress, the Kit includes a 4'5/1.4m center connector strap that you'll position vertically under your mattress or box spring. Once that's done, pull out the four 5'5/1.7m horizontal restraint straps, leaving two at the head of the bed, and two at the foot. 

Four included cuffs clip to sturdy O-rings at the tip of each strap, and there you have it! Your bondage playground is ready and waiting. All straps are adjustable to your perfect length.

In vegan leather, the cuffs should be spot cleaned as needed.


  • 4 Wrist/Ankle Cuffs
  • 4 48" (121cm) Restraint Straps
  • 1 Connector strap
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