Sterling Collection Velvet-Cote Bullet

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Sterling Collection Velvet-Cote Bullet

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SKU: CE-1099-32-3 | UPC: 716770054074 | MPN: SE-1099-32-3 (32)

SKU: CE-1099-32-3 | UPC: 716770054074 | MPN: SE-1099-32-3 (32)

With its velvety smooth feel and curvy, versatile shape, the Velvet-Cote Bullet is an updated take on the classic bullet, delivering pleasure anywhere it's placed. This accessory is from the Sterling Collection, a line of interchangeable controllers and vibes, so it can be used with any of the compatible power packs. Great for external stimulation, particularly of the clit-centered variety, the petite 2 1/4 inch size and organic shape of this type of vibe won't get in the way during sex or foreplay, and it's extra manageable for solo use.
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Sterling Collection Velvet-Cote Bullet

  • Length: 2.25"
  • Materials: PU Coating
  • Special Features: Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface
  • Colour: Black
Based On 6 Reviews


I have a happy wife


Amazing and affordable!

I have been a bullet vibe lover for years, and have tried and discarded MANY bullets in my time. My bullet and commander pack are my BEST FRIENDS! Without them this single, mid 30s woman would be a crazy, horny, unsatisfied mess.

With play hours of experience, I can honestly say that these bullets are amazing! I'm incredibly picky about the bullets I use, it has to be a certain size and there are only a few brands that fit the spot just right and California Exotics is one of them.

What I really love about these bullets, besides the vibrations, is the price. At regular a regular price of $15, they are still less expensive than the ones at my local sex shop. But they are usually marked down to $10, and if you can get them with a 20 or 30% coupon code, you're laughing! I stock up and get 5 or 6 at a time (taking advantage of free shipping) so I never run out.

Be aware, as with ANY corded toy, that you need to be careful with the wire and the connection point that you don't twist or stress them too much as this shortens the life of the bullet. Just keep spares on hand :)


weak cables...

I have to buy this little gem over and over again, it is getting expensive, but there's nothing that even comes close to the feeling. the velvety feeling, the intense vibration just in the right spot, it's the perfect size and texture, but it has a weak cable. lasts a few months (if you're lucky) then you have to buy a new one. they really should sell those in bulk

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