Smooth Double Header 18 Inches in Black

Doc Johnson

Based On 24 Reviews

Smooth Double Header 18 Inches in Black

Doc Johnson 4.63 Based On 24 Reviews

Does the trick. (Anonymous)

Toy was great the wife loved it, would recommend to get it. Awesome price.

Good (Anonymous)

Very good product.

Fun (Anonymous)

This toy was on my wish list for a while and Im glad I finally got around to buying it. Fun with a partner or alone, it folds in half easily and gives a really good stretch this way. I recommend it.

Product description

A lengthy dildo featuring tons of versatile flexibility, Doc Johnson's 18 Inch Smooth Double Header presents two lifelike tips to seekers of shared pleasure, double penetration desires and beyond. Shaped into an extra long, realistically detailed shaft tipped by a smoothly rounded, sexily cleft head at either end, the Double can be bent, twisted and angled to suit many positions and acts.

In a supple phthalate-free PVC material, the Double Header cleans easily with simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid. For maximum pleasure, use a great quality water-based lube for lots of slipperiness and comfort. Made in the USA.

  • Length: 18"
  • Insertable Length: 18"
  • Girth: 5.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0210-01-CD | UPC: 782421103002 | MPN: 0210-01-CD (44)

Ratings / Reviews

Definitely smooth! (Dominatrix experienced)

Jelly rubber is what I find the best type of material for any kind of dildo. Its very smooth and the size is nice and filling. The only thing I wish was different is if it was a little easier to move

Perfectly full (Scott)

Love the deep penetration of being filled. Has become my favorite. Long hours of fun to be had with this one.

2 heads are better then 1 (Master)

Great toy for doubles play or DP. Great length for full insertion of folding over and double stuffing your hole to a nice stretch. Absolute must have. Master has purchased over a dozen of these for his students.

Good size (Dee)

Perfect for working on my wife's depth. It's smooth which works much better than ribbed. Not a stretching tool but definitely good for intermediate anal lovers who strive to go deeper

Great (M)

The main concerns most people have is the smell, and flexibility. The smell isn't super strong and it does mostly go away after a few washes with good soap and when stored properly. It was more girthier than I expected and I thought it would be more flexible when I first got it. Using lots of lube and going slow is a must for first time deep anal. It was extremely pleasurable and definitely flexible enough.

Awsome (lilboy)

Love this new toy! Ma'am is training me for depth and I can take all of it but a couple inches. Great price and quality.

DEEP (Garry)

The depth is great. I have never been so deep before. The smooth round heads make for easy entry.

Lost a star due to the odour and....just going to say it...the taste. Hopefully both get better with time.

Fun toy, one of my favorites (Anonymous)

My girlfriend and I have gotten this toy a couple months ago, and we both enjoy it,

a fun toy for both sexual partners.

For a long good time.... (C.)

This toy is another interesting product from Doc Johnson's bottomless toybox. I would not recommend it to complete newbies, but if you have a little experience, it is a very pleasant toy provided you use plenty of lube.
Penetration of the sigmoid is not difficult if you have any experience in that regard and after that it just goes and goes and goes.
If you're new to sigmoid, start smaller and take your time.
Overall, extremely pleasurable when fully inserted and shifting it back and forth is a pleasure as well if you take your time and do yourself slowly and pleasurably. Definitely worth the investment!

18 inch double header (Kevin)

I love this product because it is so versatile It can be used for numerous applications.

flexible and fun (Rosab)

's usefull, nice and long and flexible. I use it for anal, works pretty well. The smell of chemicals is pretty bad though.

But what about the sig...mmm, never mind. (C.+)

Works as advertised! It is large, but the tips are built in such a way that entry is no problem. You can definitely feel the bulk of the shaft, but in a comfortable way. If you take your time and lube as required, it will fit past the sigmoid and move further fairly easily. I grounded out when there was just the tip left at the other end and I am a newbie explorer of deep.
Definitely worth the coin.

Classic! (Anonymous)

I nice double-ender. If you're using it vag-to-ass, keep it mind this is a hefty toy, not intended for tight bums. A seasoned pro can have a lot of fun.

It's pretty veiny and textured, which may or not appeal to users. Again, if you're looking for something for anal, this might not be the right choice.

Bottom line: well made, good price, get it if you think you want it.

great product (Ray)

my gf and i have had lots of enjoyment with this . we really like it

Good for the price (John)

Not much to say about this one other than it's another bargain toy from Doc Johnson.

The plastic seems stickier and smells a bit more than I've come to expect from rubber.

It's plenty big and nice and flexible but the quality of the plastic seems a little off. It might just be mine though since I've had few issues with other rubber toys.

Double love (Marcy)

I bought this a long time ago, and I still use it to this day, its a great way to get the deep parts of yourself loosened up for the bigger toys

All the way (Alice)

I usually do not like too deep penetration. But after I've deciced to buy myself an enema syringe, I went on and lube this 18 in dildo wholy and tried to take it all. The few last inches still sticked out, but when I started rocking it in and out, I fell deliciously in love with it. A must for couple and single alike.

Best thing ever (SemenMaster224)

this worked wonders for me -we share it back and forth! would definitely recommend

Omg this thing is huge (Philippe)

It made me feel like a glove, so long, so wide. Awesome.

really deep (Anonymous)

It is a really long one! I wasn't able to get the last 3cm in my ass. You can feel it pushing on your lungs. A lot of fun!

SO USEFUL (Anonymous)

Love this thing. Not too thick and long enough for all kinds of fun. My partner and I love taking it in the ass simultaneously while he squeezes his cock into me next to it