Rize Grasp Self-Lubricating Stroker


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Product Description

SKU: BLU-029878 | UPC: 819835029878 | MPN: BL-88832 (7)

SKU: BLU-029878 | UPC: 819835029878 | MPN: BL-88832 (7)

Real talk: there's nothing worse (other than someone unwelcome walking in on you, maybe) during a stroke session than having to stall the action to re-lube. Rize! to the occasion with Blush's Grasp Self-Lubricating Stroker, and you'll never have to face that buzz-kill situation again.

At first glance, Grasp's soft, squeezable sleeve looks super sexy but completely normal. Once it gets wet, though, the nubby rub and ribbed orb chambers inside transform into a slippery playground of texture, friction, and tight tension. Use plain water (or saliva, in a pinch) to activate the self-lube feature.

In Blush's body-safe X5 (TPE-based) material, Grasp is easy to clean with soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Once the self-lube feature runs its course (or you want more slipperiness), you can use any water-based lube you love. 

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 4"
  • Special Features: Open Ended Masturbator