Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps in Purple


Based On 74 Reviews

Nipplettes Vibrating Nipple Clamps in Purple

CalExotics 4.16 Based On 74 Reviews

Great!! (Anonymous)

Love these! First time using nipple clamps & these are great!

Great for first time (JJ)

These clamps are a lot of fun and provide plenty of pleasure with or without the vibrations, gentle enough for first timers. Very comfortable to wear, even with nipple piercings, could be a little tighter but overall I am very pleased with these.

WOW (Mary)

Never felt anything like this before. wonderful. love them

Product description

Give your nipples some attention during playtime with Nipplettes nipple clamps. The purple clamps are finished with Rubber-Cote material for a smooth soft touch, and they're completely adjustable for the ultimate fit. These have the added feature of vibration, small push-button controls on the end of the clamps start the stimulating vibration. They're phthalate free and totally wireless, as well as being waterproof for fun in the shower or tub. They're 2.5 inches in length. Each clamp takes 3 LR44 watch batteries, which are included, along with extras (12 total).

SKU: CE-2589-14-3 | UPC: 716770049407 | MPN: SE-2589-14-3 (32)

SKU: CE-2589-14-3 | UPC: 716770049407 | MPN: SE-2589-14-3 (32)

Ratings / Reviews

Amazing!!!! (Red)

I enjoy nipple clamps as my breast are not sensitive at all so they help increase my sensitivity levels. These vibrating ones are heaven & really increase the pleasure. You may need to tighten these a little more then average clamps to keep them from falling off due to the vibrations & they are heavier than the average beginner clamps.

Great product to spice things up! (David)

The adjustability is a plus and they seem to be quality made. I bought them for my wife who has several pairs of various models but none that vibrate. I like to surprise her with new toys while blindfolded and these did the trick! She has a new favorite and I highly recommend them.

Pretty decent (Anonymous)

This product has a very powerful vibration which feels good but does not clamp down hard enoigh to stay on due to the powerful vibration. Overall very good.

Doesn't Pinch and Works Well! (Anonymous)

These are the first nipple clamps that did not hurt my wife and stayed on! A very nice accessory to add another sensation to our together time!

Perfect Starter Toy (Meghan)

These are my first time trying out nipple clamps and I am fairly satisfied. Although they're adjustable, the grip is pretty light and I had a little trouble with them staying on. Overall they are perfect for testing out the waters.

So so (Anonymous)

I like these only problem is the spring is way too weak. They don't stay on very well. I used a rubberband around them to make them clamp tighter and this solves the issue.

Okay. (Kayla)

They really dont "clamp" your nipples. They have just enough pressure to hold them on your nipples, if you don't move. The vibrations are really nice, though I could hardly feel the vibrations after a few minutes of wearing them.

Only one worked! (Anonymous)

Very soft feel with light pressure even at the tightest setting making it a great beginners clamp. However, the vibration only worked on one of the clamps, the one that did work, had a perfect amount of vibration.

Tinkling good time (Anonymous)

These are great. U can adjust the pressure and the vibrations good. Not crazy strong but enough that my wife almost came when i turned them on.

So great I bought 8 (Piglet44)

Great toy! and they dont have to be used on just nipples! ;-)

Just right (Anonymous)

The GF loves these. Just the right amount of squeeze, and perfect vibes. She loves it when I use them on her. The Silicone is soft, and the vibrations are strong. If you're new to nipple clamps, these are a good start.

So good! (Shawn)

While these clamps are tight and heavy when not on vibrate, when they are on vibrate the sensation is so good you don't even notice them. The chest vibrations feel so good and are a lot of fun to pull on.

Good (Anonymous)

These are a great product, they would be really nice for beginners, but if you're looking for something with some bite to it these might be a bit too soft for you.

Good (Anonymous)

They were good but I found they didn't really pinch hard enough.

Excellent (Anonymous)

These nipple clamps are the first that I found actually worked for me and they are wonderfully light, tight and soft all at the same time.

Good (Anonymous)

Don't shut off like they should - have to remove batteries after. Not a big deal though.

Great little addition to our bedroom (Scott)

Love these little guys! Soft and adjustable depending on how much squeeze you want. Highly recommended and they even come with 2 sets of spare batteries.

massaged nipples, came almost immediately (Mike)

Took awhile to get the perfect tension, she has sensitive nipples, she said it was interesting. She tried clipping it on each side of her clit, legs wiggling, she came in less than one minute, she LOVED IT!!!

Awesome for beginners (Emmaline)

I just got them in today and they are amazing. I chose these ones because I have heard how great they are for people with sensitive nipples, and they truly are. The only downside to them, they took me over half an hour to get them working. I almost sent them back because I thought they were faulty (not turning on). However it just ended up that the metal strip that connects the battery connection was not up high enough. I just had to rebend the strips on each clamp and it was working in no time. One of them also has a much stronger vibration than the other and is twice as loud, still works great though.

Perfect grip (Anonymous)

These are the perfect grip for my nipples
Love the vibration and how they are adjustable
Smooth too

Very satisfying (Anonymous)

So got these for my husband to put on me and I am in love...they feel so good and it helps when my hubby plays with them..gets me so hot and turned on...They also work very well on the clit..

WOW (Mary)

I am very pleased with the nipplettes nipple clamps They feel great on your nipples

Very fun (John)

Bought these for my girlfriend and I during "play time". She absolutely loves these; great for teasing--and not just the nipples

Good clamp for the buck (Anonymous)

Bought for both male and female use. They can clamp in anywhere and really make things fun.

Love em (Anonymous)

They are very comfortable and easy to use would rerecommend them

Okay but.. (Bliss)

I found these clips to be a lil too gentle, the barely squeeze and if used during sex they have a tendency to slip off :/ also the power buttons did not work on either of them :( meaning we have to put batteries in to use and remove them to turn it off (little annoying) overall this product isn't too bad

Great fun. (Anonymous)

My wife loves having her nipples bit or pinched but was unsure if she'd be into nipple clamps. Bought these to try and she LOVES them. The adjustable tension is nice for finding the right amount of pressure and the built in vibrators put her over the moon.

Titilating (Ari)

Honestly I just wanted to try something new, I was pleasantly suprised. The only thing that might be a pain is replacing the batteries when they die. The vibrations are good though ;)

Good for beginners (Anonymous)

First time trying nipple clamps, liked the texture and the adjustable tightness. Would definitely recommend.

Great (Anonymous)

Super adjustible - a bit on the heavy side thoughm