The Naturals Double Penetrator

Doc Johnson

Based On 32 Reviews

The Naturals Double Penetrator

Doc Johnson 4.38 Based On 32 Reviews

Excellent at fun (Anonymous)

Great product, defiantly brought fun and enjoyment to the bedroom. It's not too big. Great for beginners.

FUN (Mike)

Feel good anal. one end in and other end stimulates behind balls great feeling My Favorite

Great (Anonymous)

This is great for beginner double penetration they are slim and not to big for starting out

Product description

Featuring two naturally contoured shafts angled specifically for double entry, the Naturals Double Penetrator dildo positions a larger and much thicker shaft in front with a sleeker version in behind. Use either end to suit individual pleasure purposes- beneath each smooth tip, a vein-detailed shaft reaches deep to massage inner sweet spots with every thrust.

Perfect for most levels of anal play or double penetration experience, this Naturals piece provides more than enough flexibility to customize depth and angle of the slimmer, backdoor-intended shaft. The 5 inch long, 1 inch wide probe can be bent completely out of the way if desired, or curled around and introduced very slowly.

Of Doc's body safe phthalate free PVC, the Double proves extremely easy to clean and maintain- simply rinse in warm soapy water or douse with a good toy cleansing fluid/foam before wiping dry with a clean cloth. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Made in the USA.

  • Length: 6.5"
  • Insertable Length: 4.5"
  • Girth: 4.6" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-5009-01-CD | UPC: 782421241704 | MPN: 5009-01-CD (63)

Ratings / Reviews

Amazing toy (Melissa)

I recomend this toy 100%. The texture feels so natural and the size for the side of the vagina is regular size not bad. The only thing is the anal part that is too "slim", but in general is a good product

Fantastic (Anonymous)

Not too big but when you’re going in both zones it’s perfect.

Wife wasn’t sure (Anonymous)

Wife wasn’t sure about this one by the way it looked but once she tried it she loved it

Wow (Anonymous)

The wife absolutely loves this toy! As do I when she’s using it. Great looks feel and size

Double stuff (taylor)

This product is defiantly enough if you like more then one!

Amazing! (Anonymous)

Absolutely love this product!

A curious toy, interesting design. (Buddy)

The Naturals Double Penetrator is double penetrator dildo that is shaped like a penis. The front side is well textured with a fairly pronounced groove just under the head of the tip and the back side is similar, but scaled to about 50% diameter.

During unpacking I noted a very mild smell, which went away after cursory use.
The offset between both halves is sufficient for smaller-medium sized ladies. The lengths of the shafts make it difficult to get any depth with this toy. As well the shape of the base (combined with the aforementioned depth) makes it very difficult to hold onto during play.

There is a slight indent in the bottom of the base. Whether this is intended to be a suction cup is up for debate. It will afford some suction capacity, but only on finely polished glass or plastic.

Would I recommend this? I would, but only for smaller ladies, and if you can figure out some way of holding onto the base.

Great to look at! (JM)

I loved watching my girl ride this double dildo!!!

Mr Viki (MINHAJ)

my wife love this realy good

Fun Toy! (Carolyn)

So I like this toy a lot. Unfortunately it's quite a bit smaller than I imagined but I still love it. I think​ it might actually be better that it's smaller because I can use it longer without getting sore. Feels very good and it's easy enough to insert.

nice toy (Anonymous)

This is a nice toy to double up with, it is very soft yet firm and reaches all the right spots.
The base could be a bit bigger for ease to hold onto.

Excellent pour débutant et intermédiaire (Anonymous)

Durable et agréable, ça donne de bonnes sensations

Great! (Anonymous)

I bought this as a beginner to anal training and it feels really good. It isn't too large but it's a great size to start off with. I like that it's not very stiff as well but really bendy. Great toy :)

Pleasure mania (Anonymous)

Wasn't sure about it at first but it feels amazing and was definitely worth the money!! Highly recommended

Amazing! (Courtney)

Great toy, love the size. Awesome for use in shower, love the natural look and feel!

awesome (steve)

A great investment. My girlfriend was a bit scared at first but with a slow and easy approach she was loving it.

bien (Anonymous)

Très bon produit.

Overall great toy for a low price (Master Stimulus)

This is indeed a great toy for not only DP beginners, but also anal beginners as it provides great vaginal stimulation.
Only complaint I would have with this toy is the base should be a bit more rigid to allow easier DP and less focus on the sharing... Doc Johnson has lots of double ended dildos that I recomend for that task!
But overall for the price charged it is worth 4 stars in my opinion

could be fun (Anonymous)

pretty beginner friendly toy, My wife enjoyed it. agree with the others, it definitely needs a better more sturdy base, and the lower penis is too flexy

Fun but can use improvement (Anonymous)

I really enjoy this but it needs some sort of handle or connect to a u VAC for maximum usage. Nonetheless best feeling dong I ever had and first double. One of a my face.

Great for beginners (Anonymous)

This is great for beginners to double penetration. The anal part is slim enough for easy use. It could be a little firmer, though. The flexibility makes it a little tough to insert if you're tight. The vaginal part could be a little longer, but because you get the DP sensations it doesn't really matter.

First time double (Anonymous)

This was the first double dildo I ever bought and I am, for the most part, pleased. It could use more of a base since it is hard to grip while using it. The rear is just the right size for a first time anal like me, although I do wish the front was a bit longer.

Worth the price (Anonymous)

Overall, I was pleased with this product. The vibration adjusted to a great speed, the sizes were well proportioned for new comers to double penetration such as myself.. but I also felt it would have been better had there been more of a base for better grip or maybe a suction cup.. Nonetheless a very good product at an unbeatable price! Definitely worth the buy.

Hesitant at first- but happy in the end (Anonymous)

My boyfriend got this for me and I wasn't so sure how it would work- very easy to use I felt and really happy I tried it!

Floating in the Middle (HardKnock)

Although I'm sure I may have enjoyed the double penetrator, I was somewhat disappointed. The front dildo could have been a bit longer. I am not a very flexable person, so I found the rear dildo extremely hard to insert (It is very flimsy). The entire thing could use a better base, since there's nowhere to really grip.

Excellent for beginnigners (T)

This toy is definitely excellent for beginners. The rear dildo is just the right size for it not to stretch too much to cause pain. It's a good stretch.
The front dildo is great. I would have liked it to be longer though. The girth is good.
My man and I have enjoyed this toy on several occasions. He loves to watch ;)

Double the pleasure, double the fun (annonymous)

Nice 2-for-1 toy for both beginners and women who want to try double penetration. Very flexible and fun. Easily both guy and girl friendly.

OK (L)

Liked the product and happy we bought it- but feel it needs more of a base

OK (L)

Liked the product and happy we bought it- but feel it needs more of a base