MicroThin Condoms in 24 Pack


Based On 20 Reviews

MicroThin Condoms in 24 Pack

Kimono 4.85 Based On 20 Reviews

great (dj)

these condoms are the best super thin worth every penny. doesnt leave a latex smell.

Like BARE BACK SEX (Bonnie Marlene)

These condoms are the best I have ever used.Your shipping was so fast.Only 3 days to arrive.New boyfriend and he was blown away by these Kimono condoms.He even let me use them for oral sex.We LOVE them.Thanks from Bonnie and Don.

Best Ever!!! (Anonymous)

This is the best condom I have ever used. I am small, and the only one that worked for me in the past was Ramses Snugfit which I used in the 80s, but have been unsuccessful finding on the shelves since. Lifestyles (green) was the next best choice, but often sliding off, always fussing with it, or using rings. My wife and I found this product very sensitive, and pretty much odorless, another wonderful feature. I will use this condom exclusively going forward. Big thanks!!

Product description

Revolutionary Japanese Technology & Design Make Kimono the Thinnest, Most Natural Feeling Condoms Available

Voted Men's Health Magazine's 'Favorite Condom', the Kimono concept is simple; thinner, more sensitive condoms that offer even more strength and reliability than the leading brands. The result is also simple, a better condom overall. The Micro Thin is newly re-designed to be even thinner, with a straight sided shape for more comfort, and quicker, easier use.

Micro Thin condoms are enhanced by a silky water based lubricant that provides a smooth, ultra natural feeling. It's significantly thinner than the competition, offering maximum transparency, sensitivity and feeling. Kimono condoms are designed for the discriminating user, and they're backed by 50 years of condom manufacturing experience.

  • Maximum transparency, sensitivity and sensation
  • Exceeds all international strength and reliability standards
  • Lubricated
  • Nominal Width 2.05", or 52mm

SKU: KIM-050244 | UPC: 016169050244 | MPN: 5024 (0)

SKU: KIM-050244 | UPC: 016169050244 | MPN: 5024 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Best Condoms ever (Anonymous)

Best condoms we ever bought. They have the best fit and a true skin feel, you don't even feel that you are wearing one.

The Only Condom You’ll Ever Use (CV)

After trying several brands, a good friend recommended trying these. The Kimono MicroThin condom lives up to the name. These condoms are thin, durable, and help you get the job done. Both my partner and I feel a noticeable difference while using these verses other brands. They come the closest in sensation to wearing nothing at all.

feels great but it ripped on me. (Anonymous)

I use to use Durex Aviti Bare because they are one of the thinest condom I could find. After seeing this brand, I decided to give a shot and I bought a couple of boxes, I've used over a dozen and the feels is great. Out of the 12, one broke while having rough sex. I do recommend them but I have been worried of it happening again.

Best of the Best (Anonymous)

best condom , so thin you feel everything!

Excellent Condoms (Patrick)

These are the best condoms I've ever used. What sets them apart is that they are thinner than any I've ever tried, but the best part is that they don't bunch up at the tip for uncircumcised guys like most condoms do.

I highly recommend them!

great condoms (Anonymous)

very thin but strong. feels like nothing is on.

Thinnest Condom Ever!! (Anonymous)

We have tried other "thin" condoms from different brands, but these ones really feel thin. My boyfriend really likes using this brand and type. The price is worth it for the feeling. You can't really buy it anywhere else for this price, it is more expensive at other places. We have been using them for years, and it has never broken!!!

Very good (Anonymous)

Been using crowns and this one is much better. I got both these and aqua lube and I would go with the Aqua lube ones for the same price.

The best (Yeh Yo)

most resistant and thin

quality (3dbuilt)

First ever bought this brand and I cant go back to anything else. Its like the skin of penis. There is something about the quality that makes you feel like its literally your skin. Downside makes me cum early ;)

great (steve)

Nice feeling condom like nothing is there.

Amazing! (Ryan)

These are super thin, and they feel amazing. Definitely recommend!!

Impressed! (Chris)

Never been much of a condom user because I'm not sensitive so wearing them can really take away from pleasure. Thought I'd give these a try, didn't have the highest expectations, but I have to say by far this is the best condom I've used. Felt like the closest thing to bareback. didn't slacken so badly like other condoms do when you're uncirc. None of them have broken to date even when going hard.
Only comment id have really is they could stand to lengthen the condom by about .5 to a full inch...but that may just be me. And it's definitely pricier to be purchased here, but when comes down to it, the quality makes it worthwhile.

Super thin, barely there (Jessica)

Noticeably the best condoms I've ever used. I've had partners ask "where did you get those condoms?" after. Everybody is always very impressed by them.

BEST condom EVER (Missy)

We honestly wont ever be using anything else other then these condoms...if you google them it even will show you how much thinner these condoms are compared to the other thin condoms....and the quality is great!!!

BEST condom EVER (Missy)

We honestly wont ever be using anything else other then these condoms...if you google them it even will show you how much thinner these condoms are compared to the other thin condoms....and the quality is great!!!

Like BARE BACK SEX (Bonnie Marlene)

These condoms are the best I have ever used.Your shipping was so fast.Only 3 days to arrive.New boyfriend and he was blown away by these Kimono condoms.He even let me use them for oral sex.We LOVE them.Thanks from Bonnie and Don.