M for Men Robo-Bator Auto Stroker


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Product Description

SKU: BLU-370278 | UPC: 810138370278 | MPN: BL-85604 (0)

SKU: BLU-370278 | UPC: 810138370278 | MPN: BL-85604 (0)

However you feel about the incoming robot take-over (kidding, probably), you have to admit that technology has made the sex toy world much more exciting. Blush's Robo-Bator is a perfect example of robotics done right - to your pleasure!

All tucked away in a discreet (i.e., travel-friendly) case, the Robo has a super-soft textured interior, seven vibrating stroking options, and a mindblowing Climax mode.

Pop the top to access up to 4.5"/11.4cm of penetrable length. You can manually stroke your Robo-Bator, hand it off to a partner, or hold it in place to let the powerful motor do all the work. One button controls seven spectacular automatic thrusting and rotation modes, and another instantly revs the motor to max power - Climax mode!

Slather your Robo with lots of water-based lube for sexy slipperiness. Afterward, clean-up with soapy water or a favourite toy care fluid/foam is easy. USB rechargeable, cord included. The Robo-Bator is splash-proof, but it shouldn't be submerged. 

  • Orifice: Mouth
  • Length: 10"
  • Special Features: Closed End Masturbator, Rotates