Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

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Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

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SKU: FIFTY-819718 | UPC: 5060108819718 | MPN: 40175 (0)

SKU: FIFTY-819718 | UPC: 5060108819718 | MPN: 40175 (0)

Fifty Shades of Grey Offical Pleasure Collection

I murmur as he slides the cool glass over my skin. I am beyond warm- warm and chilled and wanting. He kisses me and starts to move it again- wand, fingers, thumb- a lethal combination of sensual torture.

Boasting two distinctly pleasurable heads offering unique sensations in and around erogenous zones, the Drive Me Crazy is deliciously angled for precision g-spot massage, anal delights and more. Made from firm, incredibly precise hand blown glass, a creation from the official Fifty Shades of Grey line, this toy offers it's versatile shape up to target both male and female sweet spots.

Ultra stimulating with it's angled, semi realistic head at one end, and dramatically bubbled tip opposite, the incomparably unyielding feel of glass lends itself extremely well to this style of toy. The Drive Me Crazy is ideal for g-spot seekers and prostate massage thanks to the forward-tipped head, but that fantastic bubbly texture waits to please in all sorts of ways as well.

The completely firm, supremely smooth feel of the glass makes sure that this dildo will hit the right spots effortlessly and stay precisely in place for ultimate satisfaction. Glass really is becoming a must-have material for connoisseurs of toys of all types thanks to it's amazingly pleasurable, completely body safe properties, it has a long list of benefits that beat out other materials in the industry; the slick, smooth texture, and pleasurable weighty feel is only a start. Safety is high on most toy users' list of priorities, so you'll be glad to know that glass is one of the most body friendly materials available. It's phthalate free, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and the hard, non-porous surface means that bacteria has nowhere to hide. Your glass toy can be easily cleaned and even sterilized, wash after each use with soap and water, or pop it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. You can also safely put the Drive Me Crazy through the dishwasher to clean, if you prefer (top rack, no soap).

Safety and hygiene aside, glass feels unbelievable good, it's highly sensitive to temperature, meaning that it will warm naturally to body temperature with use, but you can increase sensation by soaking it in very warm or very cool water to create exciting variations of temperature. You can use your choice of lube with this dildo, and you'll find that a little goes a long way, so you may not need as much as usual. A silky Fifty Shades of Grey storage and travel bag is included.

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Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Length: 7.25"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 4.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.25" at largest point
  • Materials: Glass
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
Based On 27 Reviews
Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

FSoG Wand will take your breathe away!!!

Been an avid advocate for Pyrex toys for over 12yrs now, even help explain how they are the ultimate safe sex toy at adult trade shows.
Pyrex Wands are medically Hygienic, and perfect for multi-partner, or multi-area use, bc they can be endlessly sterilized with anti-bacterial soap and boiling water.
The Fifty Shades of Grey Pyrex Wand design is ideal for a first time Pyrex buyer or a long-time Pyrex lover. The gentle curve fits your body perfectly; you can use either bulbous end to hit your g-spot with perfect pressure, solo or with your partner.
But the in-line raised dots are what makes this wand special... they feel like a silky firm fingering against your pubic bone with each little stroke. Pressing more firmly upward can make those bumps feel more aggressive, stimulating the entire length while still providing the g-spot stimulation most women crave.
Handlers: when you are pleasing your partner, start with long slow strokes, Let your partner help you find the g-spot. Once you begin stimulating the g-spot, use short intentional stokes, or go in circles like turning a key in a lock. Once she is really aroused, use the raised dots against her pubic bone by lifting the toy upwards so that it's in more direct, aggressive contact, but use short strokes. This will feel like deep slippery fingering, and combined with prior g-spot play, often results in intense orgasms.
Overall, the Fifty Shades of Grey Pyrex Wand gets full points for being hypoallergenic, completely sterilizable, easy to use, and A++ for ergonomic design for pleasure.

Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

1st glass

My first time trying glass. I would definitely suggest to warm it up at first to stay relaxed, when warm everything about it makes it wonderful. Smooth and slippery, hard as rock, and the nubs give it that little extra to hit just the right spots!
Try this! A+++

Drive Me Crazy Glass Massage Wand

50 Shades

Love this product! First time using glass and it won't be the last!

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