Crystal Jellies 8 Inch Classic Dildo in Pink

Doc Johnson

Based On 53 Reviews

Crystal Jellies 8 Inch Classic Dildo in Pink

Doc Johnson 4.74 Based On 53 Reviews

Yes!!! (Anonymous)

My first dildo. I throughly reveiwed it before purchasing. I don't know if I'm going crazy but it smells like minute maids fruit punch. It seems like the smell enhanced after applying water based lube to the product. I love it.

deepthroating (Anonymous)

Perfect for learning to deep throat, cause it's more flexible than regular dildos.

Wow. (Anonymous)

This is perfect for when I’m not with my boyfriend. It feels amazing when I use it with a bullet vibe on my clit. It’s really big and stretches me out just as much as my boyfriend does. So I love it because it feels like him

Product description

A complete classic adored by hundreds of satisfied pleasure seekers, Doc Johnson's Crystal Jellies 8 Inch Cock offers its swirly textured, flexibly manageable length to penetration desires of all sorts.

Ideal for beginners, the plush, ultra realistic shape of this tried-and-true pleasure piece is easy to handle, maneuvering easily in, over and around the body. The 8 Inch has also been hailed as a fantastic addition to oral sex, since there's no cumbersome base to come between tongue and playmate.

Ultra safe and free of irritating phthalates, Doc's signature PVC cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care formulation. Compatible with water based lubricants.

  • Length: 7.5"
  • Insertable Length: 7"
  • Girth: 5.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0285-01-CD | UPC: 782421123000 | MPN: 0285-01-CD (19)

Ratings / Reviews

Wow (Toy lover)

For the price, I was not expecting much. I was very wrong with this one. My girlfriend hates hard dildos as she's pretty sensitive, so we figured we'd give jelly a try. The outside was very soft and had am almost life like feel, with it still being hard enough on the inside to be perfectly usable. Will definitely be getting another at some point.

Love it (Matt)

This toy is great, it's a good size. It fills both me and my wife up nicely. Feels great. The only downside is the smell that never goes away. Ever.

First Dildo (M.)

I got this as my first dildo and the size will definitely take some getting used to but that's not a problem. The only thing I dislike is the smell of it. I've washed it multiple times but that "plastic" smell won't go away.

Fave! (Anonymous)

Favorite toy to jump into bed with for a quick get me off

Amazing feel (Sasha)

It's been a long time since I found a dildo that felt this good.
Most of the time when I look for something large it ends up being long but thin. This one however has both the length and girth I look for! Definitely recomment

Wife surprised (Johnny)

Okay got this toy my wife didn't know. blindfold her tried it on her. oh my God she loved it we have many different toys by far this is her favorite

Great buy! (Anonymous)

Not for beginners. When I first ordered it online I thought it would of had a smaller diameter. Wasn’t quite sure, tried it out... And I was surprised!

Almost perfect (Ange)

Great size, love the texture and wobble but after being used and cleaned many times it still has a rubber/plastic stink to it. Other than that we love it.

Great feel (Anonymous)

It’s the first dildo I purchase and I personally love it! The texture and flexibility is awesome! Great for penetration, teasing, even sucking on it ;). The plastic smell does not disappear though.

Pink pleasure (Anonymous)

My wife loves this dildo so much we used it for a dp and absolute ecstasy

Perfect fit. (Daniel)

Wife loved it. Great size for her. Nice feel.

Love it (Anonymous)

Definitely one of my favorite toys....only downside is the very strong smell of rubber. The smell sticks on your hands and anything else it touches and makes you taste like therubber apparently

Great! (TheeGinger69)

Bought this as my first one, and love it! Have used it on myself or have had my boyfriend use it on me (sometimes while he was also inside me ;) ) and it feels great! Cleans well and easy to store. However, it does have a bit of a rubbery smell which hasn't gone away with washing and is quite strong.

LOVE IT (Anonymous)

This toy feels SO good. It hits pretty deep and isn't too thick, but it's thick enough to feel it there?? This is my first dildo, and it's super flexible and isn't super stiff, which is something I like, but at the same time, would enjoy it if it was a LITTLE stiffer. The head is nice and thick, and the whole thing stays a consistent thickness all the way. The only thing is that it does have a slight plastic-y smell, but it's kinda sweet (??) and isn't bad in general! Another thing is that it doesn't have a suction cup, which I knew, but really wish it did! Great buy, definitely recommend it!

Smooth and Flexible (Anonymous)

Great size (length and girth). Material is flexible and smooth so its good for anal.

Pink Dildo (Anonymous)

Feels great and looks fabulous. Love it

Perfect fit (Anonymous)

This was our first non-vibrating dildo and it is fantastic.

my first dildo (Anonymous)

I never had something that does not vibrate.
I got this because my boyfriend liked the idea.
It is definitely one of my favorites now..

a pink dream (Anonymous)

this has a really nice shape and texture, it's also a very pleasing lenght when use both for front sex and anal. i'm just not so sure about the strawberry smell when you first open the box? it goes away after a bit, but it's still pretty intense.

Perfect! (NaugtyGirl)

This is the first one we bought and used, and I love it! Just like I would want it to look, too. It's perfectly solid without being too hard or painful. It gets me super turned on and ready for more, and it feels amazing!

great (Anonymous)

used this to introduce my friend to toys...she loves it

LOVE IT! (Heather)

Normally I don't like dildos. Plastic doesn't feel good inside me. However this one is awesome. I love the full feeling it gives me. Hits my g spot too.

Loss for words (Anonymous)

When I got it I was a little worried about how big it was but once I got use to it I liked it a lot!

Incredible (Christine)

Buy it! Even my bf loved using it on me! Its big and makes you feel really full almost stretching.

Perfect (Dan)

This dildo is perfect. It's a good size for my wife and long enough I can hold the end while preforming oral.

Great dildo (T)

This dildo has a great feel. Squishy but firm all at once just like it says. A good amount of insertable length and the head has a very good size. Girlfriend is a huge fan of this jelly penis.

Crystal Jellies 8 Inch (Bendy)

Wife loves it. Soft and firm.

Love it! (Laney)

This dildo is great!
The size is amazing, I love the colour and the veins. This will definitely do the job! Firm but soft and is very comfortable.
Was a little nervous at first because of the size, but it's actually perfect. There will be many more fun times to come with this toy.
Only downside is the smell, but over all this is worth every penny.

Does the trick (Anonymous)

It's great! Feels amazing and it hits all the right spots. A little intimidating at first though. And hilarious to play around with!

Great starter (Sarah)

Love this dildo. Great length for a starter and I love the girth. The only drawback is the smell. Washed several times and still smells like plastic, but I'm not putting it up my nose so it doesn't really bother me!