CB-6000S Male Chastity Device Clear in 2 1/2 Inch

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Wife loves to tease me in this, also its a great way to control your sexual desires , and to save it for her. also this thing fits like a glove it is the best toy we have ever bought. only thing is i wish they had a smaller locking pin


Perfect fit

Don't make the same mistake I made by buying a bigger cage thinking this one would be too small. I first bought the curve as I am 8 inches erect, but found it too big when flaccid. The 6000s is a much better fit as I fill it completely and it makes it MUCH easier to go to the washroom. It's very comfortable and I forget I'm wearing it until I move, which is an awesome reminder that my wife holds the key! It takes a few days to find the right ring/spacers, but definitely worth it once you do. Looks great too, hoping it lasts with extended use. Enjoy!


Does exactly what it should do!

If you need a comfortable and discreet chastity device then look no further than the CB-6000S. You can wear it under your jeans or pants with no noticeable bulge and overnight it does a great job of denying any chance of a hard-on.
Highly recommended.

Product description

High end, user friendly, and extremely functional when it comes to exerting total control over your cock of choice, the CB-6000S is a complete male chastity kit, providing a fully lockable, completely impenetrable cage along with a host of accessories.

Once you're ready to truss up your playmate and you have the kit spread out, you'll first notice the sleek, firm cage in a transparent polycarbonate material. It's shaped to comfortably (but very securely) contain the penis, preventing him from touching, rubbing and otherwise interfering with the imposed chastity. The cage itself is 2 1/2 inches in length with an inner diameter of 1 3/8 inches, fitting most natural state penises- it's meant to fully surround the head and most of the shaft. Attaching to one of several available sleek, firm cock rings via several interchangeable parts, the cages fit can be fully customized thanks to five available ring sizes, 1 1/2 inches, 1 5/8 inches, 1 3/4 inches, 1 7/8 inches and 2 inches respectively. Along with the various ring sizes, the kit also offers 4 spacers and corresponding locking pins, these allow for adjustment of the space between the ring and cage. Not only do the various rings and spacers allow for a perfect initial fit, you and your partner will be able to move up (or down) as needed as he becomes more accustomed to the feel and functions of the device.

Your CB-6000S will come fully assembled, but will need to be taken apart to place it on the penis. Instructions are included, and detail how to get started- to summarize, you'll choose a ring size and position it around the penis with the testicles pulled through, then place the top portion of the ring (with its guide pins facing away from the body) through the openings. The backside of the ring's top goes on next, it snaps securely into grooves, providing a base for whichever center pin length and spacer size you select, these are attached next. Once the ring is assembled and in place, slide the cage on the (non erect) penis facing downward, a good lube like the included sample will help with this step. Fit the cage through the guide and center pins and push together, making sure skin is smooth is pulled taut to avoid pinching. When everything is correctly in place, the center pin with its lock opening will be peeking through, slip the padlock on, lock up, and you're done.

The CB-6000S has a opening at the front for urine and otherwise, so it's suited for long term wear, if desired. Speaking of long term wear, this device is perfect for travel, whether you and your chaste man are adventuring together or he's gong off alone. Aside from making very sure he's being good, especially if you have control over the key, which, along with the lock, is as high end as the rest of the device, virtually impossible to tamper with or remove, the CB-6000S is metal-detector friendly, coming with several numbered plastic locks. Simply remove the padlock and replace with one of five plastic versions before arriving at the airport- since they're numbered, you can easily keep track, making sure the one he left with is the one he comes back with!

Made from extra hygienic, hypoallergenic polycarbonate, the material making up this chastity device is medical grade and completely body safe, not to mention extremely durable. Its fully waterproof, able to be worn in the shower, pool and otherwise, plus it's easy to clean with simple soap and water. Keeping everything together neatly and discreetly, a plain, padded zippered storage pouch is included.


  • 1 polycarbonate cage (2 1/2" x 1 3/8")
  • 5  polycarbonate rings (1 1/2", 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2")
  • 4  locking pins with spacers
  • 1 brass padlock
  • 5 individually numbered plastic locks
  • 1 zippered storage bag

SKU: CB-298553 | UPC: 094922298553 | MPN: CB-6000 S Clear (0)

SKU: CB-298553  |  UPC: 094922298553 |  MPN: CB-6000 S Clear (0)

Ratings / Reviews

Be careful what you wish for

I got this manly to prevent masturbation so all my attention would be on my wife. For this it works well. She surprised me and really took to being in charge. She still won't unlock me directly (weirded out by the look), but she will hand me the key when she wants some.

As far as the device, putting it on can take some getting used to. There are multiple parts so there can be painful pinching while putting it on. I would also like the larger size ring. This is $25 through the manufacturer. I found the largest ring it came with a little tight, but I'm not sure if trying the larger one is worth the price and risk its too big.

It's a good entry level device.


Excellent produce

I have tried many different types of male chastity in my days however will have to say this is by far the best one I have found.. its exactly as its described. the cage is short and it is smooth no glitches nothing and it does exactly what its supposed to do..keep your package nice and secure. Was surprised when I paid the extra for 2 day shipping. ordered it on the Sunday PM and it arrived at my door Monday Morning..great service.


room for improvement

This is my second one- the first one broke, but thankfully was still under warranty. The round hole on the spacer ring broke off. The replacement one split at the seam on the cage, but I was able to crazy glue it back together. Overall good product, but some "fine tuning" would make it even better. For added sensation, try the " points of intrigue" accessory-I dare you to get aroused while wearing it!


Strict and secure.

Much like the title suggests, this product does its job very well. With the adjustable rings and spacers, a comfortable fit is guaranteed for whomever wears it, regardless the length of time it stays on for.

Even while still locked in place, it's easy to clean and dries quickly after getting out of the shower.

Would definitely recommend for anybody, even beginners.


Worth the $$

I tried one of the cheap versions on Amazon before buying the real thing. Completely different experience. The overall fit and "comfort" is way better than imitation devices.


Long term comfort

Arrived a week ago!
Has been on my groin more that off.
I can sleep in it no problem!!
Definitely secure!! No escaping from this
Funny story ...went to a nhl game last night not realizing they have a metal scanner where you enter!! ...had no idea!!! Thankfully the lil brass lock didn't set the machine off!!
I'll for sure leave my toy at home next time!!

I gave 5 stars because I really can't find anything wrong with this toy !! Good purchase with the discount!! Helps me lots with my nofab practice
These days!!


Love it

My wife and I desided I needed to be locked up, after searching and searching we settled on the CB-6000s and I m so glad we did.
I wanted the smaller one to making peeing easy, I m not small when I grow over 6 and thick. But when I m soft I m pretty small so this worked out great.
I first day I wore it 9 hours then 12hrs, it s been a month and I have been taking it off at night to sleep and shower the next day. I ve tried it over night a couple times, it can get uncomfortable when you wake up hard and have to pee. Lol
My wife and I discussed today that she wants me to wear it to bed from now on, only allowed out to shower in the morning and of course my release day.
All and all I d say I got lucky buying this unit for my first cage, I m going to be ordering a second one to have as back up.
10 out of 10



The 6000s is a great chastity device. After a bit of testing I am able to wear the 6000s for many days 24/7. It is comfortable and fun.


Great Product

Well made. Great quality. Glad I got it!


Lots of fun!

Great toy, fits good after a few combo try outs, wife loves the control it gives her


Very pleased.

Nicely made and finished product. Lots of variation possible re: sizing which was much appreciated. Took a couple selections to get fit correct but it fits great. Looks nice. Feels good. Would definitely recommend.



This thing is incredible! I did some research and based on the size of my dick got the 6000s as it is a shorter cage.
I have used it many times and find once you get the right sizing figured out .. it is very comfortable and extremely well made and pretty easy to use.
There are lots of videos on line to help with sizing, care etc.
My only suggestion is to either buy a lock with rubber around the lock or do what I did and put some "gorilla" tape on it. I noticed after wearing mine under jeans for a few hours it "scraped" the "shaft/cock holder" but did not break.
Great deal when there is a discount code. Amazing feel to play with yoru self (ass and nipples), have anal sex or give oral pleasure to your partner and you cannot touch or release yourself.


Customized Fit

The CB-6000S is well made, comfortable to wear and is customizable to fit nearly anybody. My wife loves the control she has with it. I would definitely buy this again.


Excellent product with two possible improvements

This is a great product and an excellent low-cost introductory chastity device. Two weaknesses: the fusing down the middle of the device is a weak spot and prone to splitting after regular use. Krazy glue fixed this no problem. Unfortunately the loops on the u-ring can break off, and the exactness of the fit means krazy glue cannot be used to fix this. Expect to buy anew one after a year or so of regular use


Surprised by how easy it was...at first

Everything was easy, from getting it to finally putting it on and surprising my wife. I have been a bundle of nerves from this experience...but my CB-6000s has helped me "stay" the course.



this is great,cant touch Madame's cock at all, she has all the control. love it.no more jerking off for me. fit is great and good for long term wear.


Good product!!!

Fits good, just takes time to get use to.


I bought two!

I love this device. Highly customizable and comfortable. I have a few steel cages but find myself always coming back to the CB devices. I have two so that there is always a clean one at hand :)

The main difference between the 'S' version and the others is 1/2 an inch. Believe me - it makes a huge difference. It is a lot more snug and it allows the tip of your penis to fully reach the end of the cage. This is important when you're peeing - you don't want your urine to fill the cage as it quickly gets gross; especially if you're wearing this for days on end.


Small fit for the smaller soft guys

Great fit for a small soft guy like me



great fit. fantastic toy



Love this product
Fits perfect, easy to wear