BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Cherry


Based On 44 Reviews

BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Cherry

Pipedream Based On 44 Reviews

explosive (Anonymous)

girlfriend used them on me and let me tell you it was amazing could feel the gentle popping all over and she said the taste was good to.

Hot seller (Jessica)

This is a inexpensive treat for both sexes for oral it has a slight numbing effect great for oral as well as increases saliva. its like pop rocks that stimulate the penis and give a bit of flavour to one giving a must have

Drop a Pack in a Condom (Anonymous)

Great if you drop a pack in a condom

Product description

For an unforgettable oral sex experience, fill your mouth with BJ Blast before heading down, it's a fizzy, popping, bursting treat with a deliciously sweet taste. If you've eaten pop rocks candy, you'll recognize the sensation on your tongue; it does, however, have a much subtler result for an exciting, uniquely stimulating addition to a classic sex act. Package contains 18 grams (.035oz).

SKU: PD-7432-62 | UPC: 603912262667 | MPN: PD 7432-62 (1564)

SKU: PD-7432-62 | UPC: 603912262667 | MPN: PD 7432-62 (1564)

Ratings / Reviews

Awesome product (Anonymous)

It tastes awesome & makes things so much more fun ;)

Lots of fun (mdoh)

used on a reunion weekend and all the ladies loved the flavor - guys were happy to be tested on.

good for the woman (Anonymous)

Has good flavor for the woman but doesn't do much for the guy

Omazing (Anonymous)

My partner and I really enjoyed this product. Very stimulating.I highly recommend it

Tasty (Whiteguy)

My gf really like this, she said it's sweet. Making the bj time a treat time

Great product (KF)

Love it - great for play time

yummmmmm!!!! (megan)

my man loves these he said we are going to have to keep a pack on hand .when you want to try something new this what you need to try will buy many more again .

i want candyyyy (megan)

love the this my man is bigger than most and it fit just fine love the taste to.

Sticky but so fun (Amanda)

I'm a girl stepping outside her box for the first time in years. This was so much fun for not only my husband but for me also. Sticky yes but tastes good and gave it the extra we needed for some fun. Tie your hair back ladies and indulge.

Pleased (Anonymous)

Awesome product.

Well that was fun! (MJ)

Tasty little treat, made us laugh.

Love these! (Teddie)

They're almost like pop rocks ! Love them

Not bad (Anonymous)

Hubby wasn't a huge fan, but it was tasty for me !

Great taste (Anonymous)

Both love the taste, encouraging to be down longer

Tastes Great! (Anonymous)

Although my boyfriend said that he didn't feel it that much, it made oral better because it tasted so good! I'm exited to see if it will be better when he does it to me though!

Mmmmmm candy (Anonymous)

Lol she didn't like it, but I ate it while she gave me a bj anyway I liked it ;p

yummy (Em)

tasted SO good! My man didn't really love the feeling but it made the experience so much better for him because i was 100x more in to it

Meh. Not so wonderful (JAC)

I had hopes for this, based on the other reviews. It tastes like any cheap popping candy, but felt like sandpaper when it happened to rub between tongue and skin, and the popping sensation was weak enough it didn't really add value (tried it on both of us). Not a fan.

Amazing! (Anonymous)

Boyfriend is super excited to use this and so am I! Definitely going to spice things up for us intimately!!!!!

Amazing (Charissa)

I bought this as a surprise for my husband , and he was definitely surprised ! I've recommended this item to many of my friends . It's absolutely great

awesome (Anonymous)

This product is just like the candy, tastes great too but it can get kinda messy. It made it more fun and exciting to give a bj, but the BF said it didn't make much difference or barely felt it popping.

Super Fun! (Tara)

Super fun! My partner enjoyed this very much!!

Interesting feeling (Eric)

I never would of thought this type of candy could of brought me so much pleasure plus it taste great , those your relationship need a little "pop" , take a minute and take a "lick" at this .

Bon goût (Anonymous)

Ça fait plusieurs sorte que j'achète et elles sont toutes à mon goût.

Tastes Great - No Sensation (Meh)

My guy did not feel anything but it was fun in my mouth and encouraged me to hang out down there a little longer :-)

YUMMY (Anonymous)


OMG (Anonymous)

A whole new sensation, just love it.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Feels great. Fun to use. Taste good.

Amazingly delicious! (Anonymous)

Just like pop rocks this candy was amazingly delicious (for me) and gave my man the "most mind blowing" blow job he's ever had. It's Definetly going to be a repeat in our bedroom adventures. I could of gone all night, but look forward to my turn

Nice for BJ (Alex)

Classic rocket pop adding a nice twist to a BJ