Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition in Size C

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Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition

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SKU: AB-746899 | UPC: 760488746899 | MPN: Autoblow Retail C (27)

SKU: AB-746899 | UPC: 760488746899 | MPN: Autoblow Retail C (27)

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as seen in PlayboyTightening up a crowdfunding success story for the books, the Autoblow 2+ XT comes courtesy of lots (and lots!) of demand from penis-owners craving the ultimate super-snug automatic blowjob. Unlike some auto strokers, the Autoblow was designed with appliance-level quality- this thing is no 'toy' and was definitely built to last!

By (very!) popular demand, the Extra Tight Edition features a complete redesign on its inner mechanism. Not only is tighter and more intense, but there are also two extra rows of massaging beads placed to feel like firmly gripping fingers, or, in other words, the perfect handjob/blowjob combo.

Easy to hold, the Autoblow XT's big cylindrical casing features comfortably grip pads on either side, plus, it's surprisingly lightweight and easy to maneuver at any angle. A super-soft mouth sleeve slips easily into the center- this unit comes complete with a sleeve, but it can be used with others, too. 

Inside, five rows of spring-loaded beads circle around the exterior of the sleeve. The beads are harnessed to the stroking mechanism, and roll and glide over the entire length of the sleeve (and the penis inside the sleeve). Because they're spring-loaded, the beads react to changes in penis thickness along the stroke path, so the grip is always on par. A simple control wheel at the bottom activates the up-and-down movement, slide it up to speed up strokes and down to slow.

Plugging into any wall outlet, the Autoblow XT is always ready to go, no need to worry about keeping batteries stocked or the unit charged. Designed for safety, an AC to DC converted adapter built in sends a very small amount of current through the unit- plus, the electrical components are isolated from the rest of the Autoblow. Do NOT use in or around water.

When the fun's over for the moment, the mouth sleeve pops easily out of the Autoblow's casing for quick and easy clean up. In a body safe phthalate free TPR, the sleeve should be rinsed thoroughly (inside and out) using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Let the sleeve air dry completely before storage or re-insertion into the casing. As for the sturdy plastic case, it can also be cleaned using warm soapy water- Autoblow recommends a spray of antibacterial toy care fluid or foam for good measure. 

Lots of water-base lube is needed for the best possible experience, so stock up before the test run. 

* The Size C Autoblow 2 accommodates 5.5-6.5 inches (14-16.5cm) of girth/circumference, and all lengths. Length and girth measurements represent the inner (penetrable) area of the sleeve.
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Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition

  • Orifice: Mouth
  • Length: 9"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Realistic
Based On 3 Reviews
Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition


This thing is great totally worth the money. Sizing is perfect also

Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition

AutoBlo machine

I watched the reports on this unit for a good period of time. I finally bought it and was quite impressed with the operation and the results you get from it.

Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition

look mom no hands!

i was sceptical like you on if this was actually going to work, well men it does, first time i used it i cam in only 5 minutes of using it (while watching porn) does what it says! could be a tighter yes but if you want that then use your hand. Im 4 1/2" girth so picked size B. wondering if the smaller size would be better? but if your looking for something to get you off with out moving a muscle look no further! Ps its a bit noisy basically need head phones to watch porn while using it. hope this helps!

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