Le Wand Arch Double Sided Steel Pleasure Tool


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Product Description

SKU: BV-234075 | UPC: 4890808234075 | MPN: LW-023 (3)

SKU: BV-234075 | UPC: 4890808234075 | MPN: LW-023 (3)

Real talk. Some sex toys are the relationship equivalent of flings. And that's totally okay! Healthy pleasure is always positive, even if the toy providing all that pleasure isn't necessarily commitment material. On the other end of the spectrum, some toys are in it for the long haul. They're the endgame toys, the long term relationship tools, the orgasm objects you want get to know inside and out. Where, you ask, is this ramble headed? So glad you asked! Straight to Le Wand's Arch Double-Sided Stainless Steel Pleasure Tool - a curvy penetrator perfect for anybody AND any body.

Polished to a gorgeous mirror finish, the Arch was specifically crafted to provide a direct and ergonomically angled connection to the g-spot, prostate gland and any number of inner sweet spots. 

Shaped into a smooth, shallow crescent upturned at either end, the Arch features two distinct points of contact. Both are super-smooth, but one features a sleek, gradual  taper with gentle ripples below, and the other a softly squared-off contour. 

Seriously perfect for controlled massage - of yourself or a partner - the Arch's intense weight (1.87lbs/.85kg) naturally applies pressure to the erogenous zone(s) being targeted. Very little movement on your part or theirs will be required; the Arch's shape and weight does practically all the work.

If you're a fan of temperature play, here's another reason to fall in love with your Arch:  stainless steel is extremely receptive to changes in temperature. This means that your Arch might initially be cold to the touch, but it'll warm quickly to match your body heat. A few minutes in the fridge (avoid the freezer please!) will provide a more chilly experience; and likewise a quick dip in warm water will yield a warm and sensual toy for your pleasure.

Arch's high end stainless steel construction is reliably non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized easily. A rinse in warm soapy water will do the trick for quick clean-up, but you can also pop your Arch (carefully) in the dishwasher, boil it, or wipe it down with a mild bleach solution for more thorough clean-up.Compatible with all lubricant types. About the only thing you can do to damage your Arch is to use something abrasive to clean it, so please don’t! Compatible with all lubricant types. Storage pouch and soft cloth included.

* Due to the double sided nature of the Arch, the insertable length measurements are approximate. Diameter and girth represent the larger tapered end.
  • Length: 7.75"
  • Insertable Length: 6"
  • Girth: 4.25" at largest point
  • Width: 1.4" at largest point
  • Materials: Steel
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface