Apollo 30 Function Hydro Power Stroker in Grey


Based On 31 Reviews

Apollo 30 Function Hydro Power Stroker in Grey

CalExotics 4.26 Based On 31 Reviews

Stamina Increases!!! (Pillager The Dark Overlord)

This is a great way to increase how long one could last during sex. The stimulation is great but the options on the one of two buttons is like a guessing game sometimes aside from that there’s really no wrong way to pleasure yourself with this just turn on and have at it!

Excellent toy (Ken)

Excellent toy, vibration settings are great. I have never tried vibration.
Love the suction cup. great for hands free pump sessions. it is a bit too loud but once you start you really don't care!

Sleeve is a bit narrow at the top, and I have a thick one and I get stuck in there a lot, but the vibration is extremely intense and makes up for it!

Apollo 30 Function Hydro Power Stroker in Grey (Anonymous)

great toy lots of fun

Product description

Super versatile in just about any position, location and situation, the Apollo Hydro Power Stroker combines a thrilling textured, deep-throat sleeve with 30 functions of vibration, sturdy casing and a unique swiveling suction cup designed for blissfully hands-free pleasure potential.

Perfectly self-contained and definitely travel-ready, the Hydro offers an unbelievable range of user options. The default base is comfortably rounded, fitting easily and comfortably in hand for customized stroke sessions, but an included suction cup swivel mount can be switched in, allowing the Hydro to be attached to just about any smooth flat surface. As well as holding tight for hands-free thrusts, the mount adjusts in terms of angle- it can be positioned flat on a floor or tabletop, or horizontally on a shower wall, window or otherwise by simply pressing the center button. Once the desired angle is reached, the Hydro will be locked into place, sturdily holding up against even the most enthusiastic enjoyment.

An amazing assortment of steady, pulsating and escalating vibration wait to please with a touch of a button on the Hydro's simple power interface, just a touch will activate the stimulation, while further pushes will cycles the motor through its many pleasure options. Instantly saving the last function used, a state-of-the-art memory chip built into this fantastic stroker allows for a quick return to a favorite.

Made of safe, clean ABS plastic and supple, temperature-receptive TPR, this Apollo piece cleans easily, disassembling quickly for a thorough scrub in warm soapy water. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Requires 4 AAA batteries (sold separately). Fully waterproof.

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 9"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Vibrates

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Ratings / Reviews

Great product (Anonymous)

Works great

Great pleasure (Anonymous)

This thing is great with all its settings. If I'm feeling lazy or pro active its a great toy for both. Pretty intense orgasms so far using this thing.

A little small (Ken)

The vibrations are good, and the design is nice. Unfortunately, this product is designed for small penises. If you're bigger than 4.5" erect, you are going to bottom out in this thing, and it won't be very useful as a stroker (unless you like ramming the head into soft plastic over and over).

If they release one for average-sized guys in the future, I might consider buying it.

Bedroom - Yes, Shower - Not So Much (T)

Is it worth the price ? - Yes
Is it deep ? - No, but good head action
Do the 30 functions feel good ? - Double Yes, good mix for long and shorter sessions.
Solo or Partner ? - Both
Suction Cup Reliable ? - Depends on the surface that you use, depending on the vibration setting, keep a hand ready, sometimes it will cause the suction cup to lose suction.
Shower Reliable ? - So-so, make sure that the cap/suction cup is tight/sealed or water will seep into the battery compartment. Too much thrusting will cause the sleeve to allow water inside the case that houses the vibrator.

Rocking products ! Love Pink Cherry (Bobbie)

Product is awesome ! My husband loves it

Good but expected better (Anonymous)

This stroker is much bigger than I expected, and some the 30 functions seem very similar. It feels good and is easy, when you can mount it to the wall. It wont always stick. Also, if you dont have a deep sink, it will be very hard to clean.

Just not deep enough (Lee)

The toy feels great but it’s not deep enough. I’m 7.5” and I think the max it would take is about 5.5” the viberations feel good and spinning the toy feels great.


Bought this on a whim and I love it. Easy to clean and easy to use. The suction cup mount is the best. I can literally be hands free and enjoy my self. Thanks Apollo!!!!!@

Good but noisy and tight (Anonymous)

Really does what it needs to do, and good, but a bit noisy and squeechy, and a bit small... would suggest to make a large version available, I'm a bit stuck in it somethimes. Overall very satisfied.

Good vibrations (Claude)

As the Beach Boys would say;

"I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me excitations
I'm pickin' up good vibrations
She's giving me excitations
Good, good, good, good vibrations"

Great toy!

Great product (Anonymous)

Decided to try it after getting a substantial discount and it turns out it was a great product! As told in all the reviews I've seen, the box looks cheap but the product isn't. Great variety in vibrations, the suction cup is extremely well made, everything is easy to clean and the product is super fun in the end! Only downside is since the vibrations are very strong, it's not a very subtle toy. Hopefully for me my walls are well isolated but if you stick it on a wall and it's not too well isolated, some people might wonder what you're doing! Overall, I'm greatly satisfied by this product!

Awesome product (Ben)

I really enjoy it! All the settings, wow! Can't wait to try it in the shower. Would definitely recommend it.

great product (andrew)

A bit on the loud side needs to be deeper got stuck in it like the vibrations

good vibes (jeff)

over all the product is not bad although it is a little small. would recommend it if you want to try something different

Amazing (Anonymous)

All the different settings are great. Working your way through them is a lot of fun. Some of them are a bit too strong/random. I find that I'm going through batteries fast. Still an awesome buy.

good product (justin)

Good product but the hype for it gets you super excited durrable but not 100% water proof

wow factor (MJB)

This was everything I was hoping it was, very powerful and has given me pleasure to use. Would recommend it for anyone. even partner enjoy using it on me, she could not believe that it made me so happy

Love it (T)

Fun to f**k and love the suction cup mount. Wish it had some more depth to it.

Recommend this. Buy one.

Good Toy! (Anonymous)

I liked the multiple vibration patterns but the motor is extremely loud.

finally a great toy for men (John)

I received my favourite new toy today. of course I tried it out and let me say that I'm a kid in a candy store. Absolutely amazing and excellent quality. This toy will be getting a lot of use. Highly recommended. and best of all it's easy to clean up after use.:) :) :)

My satisfaction (Anonymous)

Fast delivery
Great product quality
Very satisfied with result

My new favourite toy!! (Jeff)

I love my stroker! The vibrator functions are great, sure to find a few that work for you and its strong.
The suction cup attachement works great, you can pound away at it in the shower and it won't let go.
I've gone exclusively to using this toy. Buy one, you won't be disappointed!

Good fun (Anonymous)

Great toy..definitely recommended!

noisy fun (Anonymous)

I like how soft the sleeve is but the vibe is very loud. no stealth sessions in the shower, it make the whole wall vibrate! Also the sleeve is a little shallow, i can't get all the way in.

Vvvvrrrrrm Vrrrrm (Jessie)

As someone who never really reacted strongly to vibrational play, I took a chance on this purchase to see if something like this could persuade me otherwise. On first impression, little disappointed at the short depth of the toy - you're only able to get half/most of your shlong inside, when your nature with any toy like this is to wish to "bury" yourself balls deep inside. That nitpick aside, this toy is really growing on me - it's quite powerful (use fresh, new batteries!) and with a handful of varied functions, it's great to play with different modes. the overall look to this toy is sleek and it's nice that it comes with a swappable suction cup (which works quite dandy). It's a toy that requires patience but such stimulation always results in great 'gasms - I find myself using this more and more, think I've got a worthwhile friend here!

stan (Anonymous)

I love my stroker. I use it most every evening and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.
The different speeds and vibrations makes it so pleasurable./
Worth the cost, so get one!!!

Good toy (Pete)

All the different vibrating combinations makes it kind of hard to last very long...lol. Great shower toy.

Good Vibrations (Matthew)

This is a nice change from typical "hand masturbators". The hard shell makes it more like a fleshlight, but the shape makes it a lot easier to manhandle. The suction cup end means I can mount it under my desk and then slip in before surfing porn.