Cherry Scented Anal Lube in 6oz


Based On 24 Reviews

Cherry Scented Anal Lube in 6oz

CalExotics 4.58 Based On 24 Reviews

Good stuff! (Anonymous)

Works great and smells nice.

Great Blue!! (Tim)

Great sit super long lasting lube! Add a little moisture to really speed things up! Works great with the erectile pumps!

best anal lube (Anonymous)

One of the best water base lube fpr anal and vaginal play. Thick and doesnt wear off fast .... slides pretty damn well. The smell is ok and pretty convenient bottle. My favorite lube .

Product description

Specifically formulated to add lots of pleasurable glide and a sweet scent to anal sex and beyond, CalExotic's best selling Cherry Anal Lube enhances sexual escapades across the board. Eliminating unwanted friction during sex, foreplay, masturbation and massage, the thick, plushy texture smooths into a slippery protective layer.

Absorbing naturally into the skin and wiping easily off body surfaces and fabrics of all types with plain water, Cherry Scented Anal Lube is mess-free and non-staining. Made in the USA.

  • Size: 6 oz
  • Flavor: Fruit
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Unscented

SKU: CE-2396-10-1 | UPC: 716770019578 | MPN: SE-2396-10-1 (142)

Ratings / Reviews

good lube (Anonymous)

product was as described

Damian (Anonymous)

Good choice for a good sex recommend

best lube ever (Dean)

This lube works great! It tastes great also. The wife and I really love it. We have tried many others but the cherry Anal Lube is the best by far. The down side to the product is getting the last little bit from the bottle.

Bon choix!! (Mi)

Lisse collant un peu mais apprécier

Best lube (Anonymous)

Long lasting. Doesn't get sticky. Washes off easily. Doesn't taste great but not bad. Cherry scented one is definitely better than the original.
Only downside is that because it washes off with water it's not great in the shower. Typical water based lube.
Be careful as the bottle gets low. The plastic should probably be softer for squeezing because a couple times the bottle has cracked/broken.

Amazing scent, great lube! (Anonymous)

Fab added scent, for the use. Lasts a long time but a bit sticky!

Slippery and not too sticky (Anonymous)

First anal lube and working great. Not too sticky and has helped get us started.

Best lube (Joe)

Best all purpose lube, doesn't dry up quickly, toy/condom safe. and the cherry scent is nice. doesn't taste great but this cherry scented version is better than the original at least.

Sticky Stuff (Anonymous)

One of the best products for toy
use. Sticks and lasts. What more
could you ask for.

Awesome lube (Edward)

This brand of lube works very good, it is alot thicker then Other brand which was too watery. worked well with the toys. Will only buy this brand for now on, will recommend this product

The best (Paul)

Best lube I've ever had for any type of sex. Best tasting/feeling/lasting, you name it

Really good consistency (Anonymous)

I prefer the smell of the unscented one for some reason, but the lube itself is amazing. Its thick and really slippery and doesnt dry up!

100% satisfied (Anonymous)

It works awsome

Does the job (Anonymous)

Great scent and texture. Works great for any anal toy. The only con i can think of is that it doesn't stay "wet" for very long and often requires several applications for longer play.

Love this!!! (Jess)

Works fantastic!!!! Smells great!!!

Sweetly Scented (Anonymous)

Sweetly scented for the right place. The feel and scent is enough to keep your mind in the right place instead of being too concerned about the derriere.

Perfect (Anonymous)

Awesome lube. Works well, lasts as long as you need and you don't need that much. Plus the cherry scent is nice. Does stay with you for a while after. Even if you shower

Smells awesome (Anonymous)

This lube smells awesome! The consistency is slightly sticky after a while but for the most part I love it. I wouldn't recommend using it if you have sensitive skin.

great for him and her (900mike)

Ive used it on my wife and shes used it on me. We both think its great lube. must have for back door play

Surprisingly tasty (Sam)

Pretty much the same as the unscented original, but better taste for sure if you end up getting any in your mouth. When the bottle is almost empty I flip it upside down for a while, cut the top off and pour the rest into another bottle that I've already started. None of it goes to waste that way.

Excellent lube (A)

The smell and the taste is good, not too strong. Overall, very similar to the unscented lube from the same company. When there is only a quarter of the bottle left, it has the same problem: you have to squeeze really hard on the bottle gf asks me to do it everytime..