4 Oral Sex Dice Game

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SKU: LG-102810 | UPC: 685634102810 | MPN: BCD.016 (9)

SKU: LG-102810 | UPC: 685634102810 | MPN: BCD.016 (9)

A classic game of (very!) sexy chance from Little Genie, the 4 Oral Sex Dice Game will make absolutely, positively sure that regardless of who rolls or what turns up, everyone gets lucky!

Detailed instructions on how to handle the four included pastel dice are printed on the box, but basically, you or your partner is going to roll three (teal, purple and blue) for a ready-made foreplay scenario. You'll find out what specific act of foreplay is going to be given or received, which body part gets all the attention, and for how long. Take turns until you decide it's time to roll the blue position dice. By then, you'll be only too happy to follow instructions!

Put your own spin on the dice combo you're dealt, or follow it to the letter, it's all up to you!
Little Genie
Based On 2 Reviews
4 Oral Sex Dice Game

Fun Way to Start Playtime

A quick way to get the fun started, never know what your going to roll. Thoroughly enjoy the interesting combinations.

4 Oral Sex Dice Game

Something to start with

We really enjoyed play with the dice. It a great way to start up some foreplay and get everyone all hot. The combinations are fantastic and silly. You'll enjoy it__

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