Fetish Fantasy Series 35 Foot Japanese Silk Rope in Purple


Based On 23 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Series 35 Foot Japanese Silk Rope in Purple

Pipedream 4.57 Based On 23 Reviews

Feels Great! (Anonymous)

I loved this! So soft, a beautiful color, easy to tie & untie..I thought the tips would be metal, but were instead some sort of metallic tape...still good! totally worth it, I love this product!

tie me down (stuart)

great way to spend a night tied up at home

nice rope (Anonymous)

for someone just starting out with some light bondage this rope was perfect

Product description

Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 35 feet (10.5 meters) of soft, luxurious Japanese Silk Rope. It's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for creating elaborate restraints and body harnesses, too.

The super soft, exceedingly sturdy material won't chafe or irritate even the most sensitive skin. An included blindfold mask makes things even more mysterious and exciting as you play. Cotton/poly blend.

SKU: PD-3869-12 | UPC: 603912259377 | MPN: PD386912 (11)

SKU: PD-3869-12 | UPC: 603912259377 | MPN: PD386912 (11)

Ratings / Reviews

35foot purple rope (Anonymous)

Great color and length, can now tie my wife up without her feeling like a pretzel

Rope Bondage (Adorabolical Mark)

This was my first rope with my girlfriend. Soft and non abrasive. Long enough to try intricate designs. Tough. The ends are tape but still hold up even now. Love to play with this even by myself, So much FUN!!!

Soft, ideal length and great color (bunny)

my Mistress enjoys restraining me firmly to administer my punishments. Once i’m secured, my Mistress is able to do whatever is Her whim, without me being able to resist. These ropes are soft and an ideal length to ensure i’m unable to move. my Mistress loves combining this purple color with pink rope to restrain me as Her bunny at BDSM events.

Solid ties (Anonymous)

Good quality rope with a light-purple dye. The colour isn't deep purple, but the rope also isn't slippery, which makes heat burn less of an issue. Quality product.

Amazing fun for beginners (Anonymous)

The rope is sturdy, feels good on a naked skin, and it looks good. No complaints.

No core (Anonymous)

I like the colour on this rope and it is indeed soft yet with sufficient friction that knots will hold.
But the rope has no core, there's only a sheath - it'll still function, but it feels insubstantial. Not really a problem for bondage, esp. since they include in their description that the rope is not suitable for suspensions, but it does leave the quality feeling lacking.
The ends of the rope are whipped with silver tape. Also looks and feels cheap - will be whipping them with proper materials when I get around to it. Overall decent product but quality isn't quite what I'd expected.

Awesome rope (Anonymous)

So soft and the colour is great. Awesome for harnesses among other things.

soft (Anonymous)

It's super soft for more sensitive areas (I like to use it for breast bondage) It's the perfect for my size and ties around many times.

A Classic (Anonymous)

Can never go wrong with silk cord.
Tie tight or loose, fetish or functional.
Do you want to escape, or not?

non abrasive (Anonymous)

very nice for soft bondage. Leaves no marks, but does bind my wife the way she likes it.

Long and soft (Anonymous)

This product was great, except for the fact that it was frayed in one spot. I fixed that with a lighter though.

We use this for harness, frog, hog, and dragonfly ties, etc. and it's very soft and easy to tie and pull.

Love it.

I Guess (Anonymous)

Still getting a feel for how to use properly steep learning curve that is for sure

Hooey!! (GEF)

Tie her up and have your way. Fulfill her secret desires. Soft, yet secure.

soft and smooth (Anonymous)

Lovely rope, great length for everything we tried. Soft, smooth and purple looks good on me ;)

fun (;o))

Soft, comfortable and long enough for beginners to mess around with.
Not too sure about how the ends are fastened. We'll just have to wait and see if it holds up.

Smooth (Celi)

Very soft and comfortable. Esp worth it for the price!

Awsome (MD)

Really soft and smooth, will do for almost everything with his 35 f lenght.

Works quite well (Steve)

Its soft rope. you cant go wrong.
Nice and strong, very durable, neither I nor my partner have any complaints.

fetish rope (pn)

this rope is incredibly soft and fun to try, however turned out to be not quite for us...but good for a boring evening alone together and some fun

fetish rope (pn)

this rope is incredibly soft and fun to try, however turned out to be not quite for us...but good for a boring evening alone together and some fun