Fetish Fantasy Series 35 Foot Japanese Silk Rope in Black

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Excellent rope

I love this length, softness, but also it holds well and doesn't get tighter once tied!


Beautiful rope

This rope is great! Quality is fantastic, and there is a lot of fun to be had stepping through a how-to video on youtube with your partner, and enjoying the results by the end of it. Highly recommended. <3


Fit to be tied

Besides more advanced uses available with this length of rope you can also cut it into smaller lengths yourself. Really good price for this great bedroom tool!

Product description

Bind your lover in any way you can think of with 35 feet (10.5 meters) of soft, luxurious Japanese Silk Rope. It's perfect for couples starting out in bondage, but is also long and durable enough to make it ideal for creating elaborate restraints and body harnesses, too.

The super soft, exceedingly sturdy material won't chafe or irritate even the most sensitive skin. An included blindfold mask makes things even more mysterious and exciting as you play. Cotton/poly blend.

SKU: PD-3869-23 | UPC: 603912259391 | MPN: PD386923 (212)

SKU: PD-3869-23  |  UPC: 603912259391 |  MPN: PD386923 (212)

Ratings / Reviews

Great rope

We found the rope to be of good quality. It is easy to make very nice knots and does not slip.


So soft!

Very soft and comfortable.


Does the trick

I m a larger dude so I m always a bit unsure if these kinds of things will accommodate that. Fortunately there s enough rope and it s strong enough for my partner to tie me up effectively.


Really like it

We really like that product ! Lots of fun !


Soft, great length and color

my Mistress loves restraining me securely when administering my punishments, so She can inflict pain and pleasure together, with me at Her full mercy. These ropes are soft and great length, so my Mistress has numerous options on how to tie me up. She uses a combination of black and red rope, during BDSM events.


too long

the rope is perfect but too long


For beginners

This rope is long enough to do a lot with and has a nice soft feel, it's perfect for decorative harnesses or light play but doesn't seem the most durable. Came with some frays in it already and the ends are cheaply taped, but this is what you get for the price! If you want to do "real" shibari splurge on the strong stuff.



Great length and soft, almost looks yarny. Good buy



Very comfortable, soft.



There were some flaws in the rope (probably where the fibers ended) but not really a big deal, we just tied them together. The "silver tips" are just metalic paper, but they're cute and durable to far. Nice and soft, very strong, comfy, washes in the shower with me. I like it :) Good for beginners looking to try shibari. I just need me length now!


Hot Mama

Love love love this rope Infact this is my second one ordered from this site. Feels side but firm and very long so it is good for a lot of naughty thing


All tied up

I bought this for my boyfriend and I . It was amazing!! The rope is long enough to do everything we tried to with it. Also it was soft on the skin. I love this rope because it is so versatile. Hands and feet can be tied and can be used as a gag and we have used it to tie my wrists to my hips and then he can use the rope as a grip when in doggie style. I can't say enough about this rope! Perfect for hard core or soft core bondage!!


Good bar

It does the job of what a spread br needs to do. Better quality then most others. I'd buy another. Will buy the matching cuffs


Soft but not perfect

Very soft rope with a bit of stretch. Lots of fun. But was slightly frayed at points. Also the ends are only secured with tape.


Bad girl

Soft and durable. I love the way this rope feels on my skin while tied up. Easy to manipulate and so sexy.


Nice feel

This was my first rope and I am glad I got the 35ft as you need more length to do the full body bonds like the karada, it feels good on the skin or pulling or digging in


Great rooe

Very nice, soft and strong rope. My only issue is that they could be capped better at the ends, they are simply wrapped and can feel quite unpleasant.


It's rope

It does the job. Feels nice against my skin. A++


Good Quality

This rope is excellent quality, but for beginners I'd recommend getting shorter ropes to start :)


Good quality but too long for my taste

Very good quality bondage rope, feels comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.
In my opinion, this length of rope is for advancecd rope users though. It can get pretty frustrating trying to tie your partner up if you don't know what you are doing. If you are new to rope play, try (several, if desired) shorter ropes first, they are way easier to deal with.