Island Rings in Purple


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Island Rings in Purple

CalExotics 4.31 Based On 32 Reviews

Perfect (Anonymous)

Great for first time use. Definitely worth the price, although I think they could be a bit tighter.

WOW WOW WOW (Newbie)

MUST TRY BUY!!!! Bought this just out of curiosity. It's been a great beginning!! WOW is all I can say. Has turned my boring sex life WAYYYYY UP!!!!!! Someone tell me the next best thing for a shy guy please!! I wanna be a freak in the sheets but my guy is shy!!

Gateway drug (Anonymous)

Just bought my second pack of these as the they do degrade over time. At this price, who cares! Great place to start with cock-rings before exploring other options (you will... promise). Size isn't an issue - As an average size dude, these all give a different sensation of tightness, but all work (small one is better around the beans).

Product description

Supple, snug and excitingly textured, this trio of skin-safe TPR cock rings from represents a fantastic set of enhancement tools with no frills to distract from the undeniably pleasurable results. Helping to maintain a firm erection while keeping stimulation under control, the chosen ring applies unrelenting pressure to strategic points around the base of the penis and testicles, if desired. These ultra plush rings have an extra stretchy, less intense feel than some other rings, adding just a little extra, natural feeling assistance to sexual situations.

Completely body friendly, and virtually odor free, each piece in the set is compatible with any type of water or silicone based lubricant desired. Fits most.

SKU: CE-1429-14-2 | UPC: 716770021175 | MPN: SE-1429-14-2 (38)

SKU: CE-1429-14-2 | UPC: 716770021175 | MPN: SE-1429-14-2 (38)

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too small? still work (Anonymous)

the only one that fits is the biggest/loosest but have to adjust quite a few times since so tight! Wish the pack had a wider variety in sizes.

too small? still work (Anonymous)

the only one that fits is the biggest/loosest but have to adjust quite a few times since so tight! Wish the pack had a wider variety in sizes but for the price there is never a need to complain!!

Great for the new & inexperienced (Stephanie)

My boyfriend and I decided to introduce a cock ring into our sex life, so after researching online, I thought this product would be the cheapest (while still having quality, thanks to the reviews) way to try it out.

It's really worked wonders! My boyfriend always worries that he finishes too quickly and sometimes has issues with staying hard, but the smallest of the three rings (which only goes over the penis) has made a remarkable impact on his performance and confidence.

We use either silicone or water-based lube to ease the cock ring on, and he shaves, so there's no risk on pubic hair getting caught, and he takes it off when he's ready to finish. Be sure to clean the cock ring after use with soap and warm water! We are going to continue using this product and I hope my review has helped someone take the plunge and buy it themselves.

Perfect (Anonymous)

These are my favorite rings. The largest one is what I use mostly, but it has broken twice so far. (Bought 2 sets)
But for the price you really can't beat it.

Perfect first! (scott)

These cock rings are perfect for anyone willing to try one for the first time. They work great, easy to use and easy to clean!

Works pretty well (Chris)

But be warned they will melt on hot days if not stored in a cool dark area.

Works good (Anonymous)

Good to fool around with!

You get what you pay for (Super Pickle)

"These ultra plush rings have an extra stretchy, less intense feel than some other rings" says it all. Personally I do not notice any physical or sensual difference wearing them.

My wife does seem to be hornier when she knows I am wearing them in public, and I tend to notice other women more often. The down side is that when I urinate I drip for minutes afterward.

Alas, for $5 I would recommend the experiment and say that if you get 1 thrill then it would have paid for itself.

Feels great (Anonymous)

My wife & I both enjoy this item & recommend it

great (Anonymous)


Meh (Anonymous)

i bought this with a few other rings because its a real ges and check to try and figure out with size works for you.
i got these ring since there where 3 sizes so i could see which one felt the most right.
They where okay. they had to much stretch in them so i felt like they didn't clamp down enough. tho they still sort of did their job.....tho definitely not as well as some of the other ones i had got.
so i would recommend this product for new users of cock rings so they can test sizes and get used to wearing one.

As Advertised (Anonymous)

The 3 pack's nice (as I didn't know what size I'd be) but now that I know, it seems unnecessary (now I just have 2...spares?). The spacing of the balls is kinda weird, I guess it allows better constriction to blood flow ratio, but that seems to defeat the purpose to me.

great buy (Anonymous)

Bf loved the rings... Thought they were comfortable and use to use :)

Cheap and it Works (Anonymous)

great price and comes with 3 different sizes and it works to keep your dick hard!

Nice but didn't last (Memprys)

This was a nice set of rings but the largest one snapped after about five or six uses. Still, OK for the price.

3 rings for the price of one (Count Cockula)

These are are a great beginner's item. They are strechy, so anyone with a fear that they may get stuck need not worry. They have 3 different designs, although the real difference is in the sizes. For a truly enjoyable experience, I recommend wearing all 3 at the same time; the largest at the base, one in the middle, and the smallest just below the glans.

Note: I don't think these are intended to be worn all day, as you can do circulation damage. I suggest looking that up online first.
Overall: good product for a great price, can't go wrong.

Works well. (Anonymous)

They work well. good variety of size. Only problem is they seem to slip off a little. Good product though.

Not bad (Anonymous)

They do what they are supposed to, and price is right.
But dang do they hurt if any hair gets caught in them.
A small amount of lube helps.

4 Stars (Anonymous)

I purchased these for my spouse because he sometimes has issues lasting long in bed during anal. So far they've been working great, especially when combined with the passion packs for him. I knew he would be a little nervous about the rings just because they could be a little intimidating, but once we got them and seen how soft and flexible they were he felt great. Best purchase ever!

Fun (Chris)

Great for that throbbing feeling.

Awesome (Chelsea)

I bought these a while ago, my first purchase on here actually. Still use these rings, they are our go to rings. At the price you can't not get them!

Works great (Ben)

For the price at the time, I am not going to complain. They work great and feel excellent.

Love! (Anonymous)

Added these inexpensive rings onto my purchase to qualify for the free shipping. Wasn't sure my husband would be into them but we both love how they keep him rock hard for a long time.

Great product (Jacqueline)

Great stretchy rings for a fantastic price. Perfect for my guy because he is not into vibrating rings. A must-have for every couple wanting to prolong their sessions.

Great rings (Chelz)

These were the first ever rings my partner has tried and and he says they are very comfy and work awesome. I agree! Also the prices are another bonus! thanx!

Good Cock Ring (Joanne)

Hubby likes them, its a bit tight for the large thick sized penis, have to buy bigger ones, but these do the job and price is right.

Great :3 (Shna)

Figured we'd give these rings a try and they were great. Different sizes so we got to choose one that was most comfortable on him and stick to it.

Great buy (Anonymous)

First time ever trying rings. Work great and great price...

good cheap fun (Anonymous)

bought these as an add on to my purchase as we never used rings before and for the price thought we'd try. Definite fun for a first timer and seemed to be comfortable on him.