Textured Type E Condoms in 3 Pack

Textured Type E Condoms

  • Textured Type E Condoms
  • Textured Type E Condoms in 3 Pack
  • Textured Type E Condoms in 3 Pack

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Textured Type E Condoms in 3 Pack

Tight fit (Anonymous)

The condoms fit snug (not uncomfortable ) on my shaft that is average or slightly thicker and the texture felt very nice. Reflecting I can compare against some other brand name ones I tried out that were "flared" and were terrible. The snug texture fit of these was much better. The green color was a little surprising I didn't see that listed anywhere.

Ribbing isn't felt by partner (Anonymous)

Almost no point of the ribbing but the condom itself is incredibly thin. Felt fantastic. Will buy more from this company, just not this kind.

eh (Anonymous)

Not much ribbing or pleasure spots on these like suggested. Not that I could see anyway. They are also a bit tight for my liking so stay away if you are on the thicker side. The lube on them is absolutely amazing!

Product Description

Revolutionary Japanese Technology & Design Make Kimono the Thinnest, Most Natural Feeling Condoms Available

Voted Men's Health Magazine's 'Favorite Condom', the Kimono concept is simple; thinner, more sensitive condoms that offer even more strength and reliability than the leading brands. The result is also simple, a better condom overall. Type E's are extremely textured with ribs and sensi-dots for lots of pleasure. They are also enhanced by a silky water based lubricant that provides a smooth, ultra natural feeling. All Kimono condoms are significantly thinner than the competition, offering maximum transparency, sensitivity and feeling. They're designed for the discriminating user, and they're backed by 50 years of condom manufacturing experience.


  • Maximum transparency, sensitivity and sensation
  • Intense texture
  • Exceeds all international strength and reliability standards
  • Lubricated
  • Nominal Width 2.05", or 52mm

Product Code: 7003
UPC Code: 016169070037
ITEM: KIM-070037

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