Island Rings in Purple


Silicone Island Rings

  • Silicone Island Rings
  • Silicone Island Rings
  • Silicone Island Rings
  • Island Rings in Purple
  • Island Rings in Purple
  • Island Rings in Purple

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? (Daniel)

I bought a set of these out of curiosity. When I wear them I have the good feeling of being a bit kinky in public. As a bonus women seem to come out of the woodwork as if they sense an aura or good karma or something. I can't explain it. I'm just a male, and more than happy to wear these.

great (Anonymous)


Gateway drug (Anonymous)

Just bought my second pack of these as the they do degrade over time. At this price, who cares! Great place to start with cock-rings before exploring other options (you will... promise). Size isn't an issue - As an average size dude, these all give a different sensation of tightness, but all work (small one is better around the beans).

Product Description

Supple, snug and excitingly textured, this trio of skin-safe TPR cock rings from represents a fantastic set of enhancement tools with no frills to distract from the undeniably pleasurable results. Helping to maintain a firm erection while keeping stimulation under control, the chosen ring applies unrelenting pressure to strategic points around the base of the penis and testicles, if desired. These ultra plush rings have an extra stretchy, less intense feel than some other rings, adding just a little extra, natural feeling assistance to sexual situations.

Completely body friendly, and virtually odor free, each piece in the set is compatible with any type of water or silicone based lubricant desired. Fits most.

Product Code: SE-1429-14-2
UPC Code: 716770021175

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