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Great for body support! (Crystal)

This ramp is amazing for sex when you have a mobility impairment. I sometimes tire easy or have issues with my hips due to my disability but this ramp allows us to explore positions easily for me.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Amazing. Been talking about getting something like this for a while now and am so glad we finally got it. Great quality and worth the price.

Super charged (Anonymous)

We have held off getting this for a couple of years; wish we had spent the money sooner!! For any couples with a height difference this is a great thing to have. It levels or raises the playing field lol The wife is enjoying a few more inches and less work trying to hold a great position to orgasm. We have had this for two weeks now and we have used it almost twice a day for some great fun ;)

Product Description

Liberate some of your fantasies as you enjoy exciting, adventurous sex with the Ramp. This innovative sex accessory lets you and your lover get comfortably into some of those extra pleasurable positions that can be a little tricky on a regular bed or flat surface. Offering support and a deeply angled slant that accentuates sensitivity, it can lift the hips for g-spot love, is ideal for girl on top and absolutely perfect for doggie style. You'll love experimenting with unique ways to have sex and since the Ramp takes all the strain off your knees, wrists, elbows and hips, you can let your imagination run wild. If you need a little inspiration, a full color book is included, which gives you some ideas about positions you can try out, and other Liberator products you could use with your Ramp. A comfortably firm champagne foam core is wrapped in a deliciously soft micro fibre cover that in turn hides a second, sleek nylon cover. Both covers zip off and are completely machine washable for easy clean up. A sturdy plastic carrying case stores away easily, and has handles for perfect portability. The Ramp is 33 inches wide, 24 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Product Code: 13664 101
UPC Code: 845628077573

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