Wedge in Blue Microfibre


Based On 15 Reviews

Wedge in Blue Microfibre

Liberator 4.8 Based On 15 Reviews

Should have purchased one years ago (Anonymous)

My wife had mentioned this product to me years ago as something she was remotely interested in. Taking advantage of a recent sale, we purchased both the Ramp and Wedge and couldn't be happier with our decision. Both products came vacuum sealed in relatively small sized boxes given the size of the product after unpacking. After opening the box, the interior of the packaging shows a multitude of different positions that you can try using the Wedge which is a nice added touch. The pillow itself is made of a very rigid foam that barely compresses when one or both of us is lying on top, yet it is still soft enough to be comfortable. The foam is encased in a black, nylon sheath that is mean to prevent the foam from coming into contact with any spills. The microfiber cover installs/removes easily and is very soft to the touch. When combined with the Ramp, the microfiber acts almost like velcro to keep the 2 pillows securely fastened together which allows for a plethora of different combinations. We found that using the Wedge by itself resulted in a much more comfortable and enjoyable alignment for certain positions than using just the Ramp. This is primarily due to my knees sinking into our somewhat soft mattress which made the Ramp too tall for certain positions. Do yourself a favor and purchase both the Ramp and Wedge together as this also generates so many more options for different positions as well as still giving you the option of using them independently. My only complaint is that these were only available in the blue color at the time of purchase as we would have much preferred something more neutral that would have matched our bedroom decor. Overall, we are very happy with our purchase and look forward to getting much more use out of them.

Perfect! (Anonymous)

I'm so happy I made this purchase, we both enjoy the pillow. Makes things a little more interesting and the angle is much better. I've already suggested it to others.

Great for g-spot (Gavin)

The angle allowed us to hit the g-spot while doing it doggystyle. It's been a great addition to our bedroom.

Product description

Take playtime to new places (literally!) with the Wedge. The 27 degree angle of this deliciously slanted pillow helps you position yourself and your lover for divinely deep penetration and g-spot navigation, not to mention more comfortable oral exploration and anal. The Wedge has a softly supportive foam core wrapped in 2 possible covers, a sexy, soft microfibre and a tough Teflon coated nylon; both zip off easily and are fully machine washable. A sturdy plastic carrying case with a handle makes it simple to travel with your Wedge, and the compact sizes lets it fit under the bed or in a closet for discreet storage. To give you some position inspiration, a full color booklet is included, which also gives some ideas about how the Wedge can be used with other Liberator shapes. Measures 24 inches wide, 14 inches long and 7 inches high.

SKU: LIB-13667102 | UPC: 845628077672 | MPN: 13667 102 (19)

SKU: LIB-13667102 | UPC: 845628077672 | MPN: 13667 102 (19)

Ratings / Reviews

BUY THIS NOW!! (Samantha)

If you don’t have the complete set: you’re missing out!! My life is now complete.

Uplifting ;) (Wedge)

Helps to raise the sexual experience. He's closer to my boobs and I am in a better position

So many new comfortable positions (Anonymous)

The wedge is a game changer. We bought the ramp as well and combined they make everything more comfortable and relaxing, no messing about with pillows, and no tiredness and cramping up when things go on a bit longer than usual.

The Wedge is the perfect size to bring out on a regular basis. The Ramp, however is a once in a while thing due to its size.

Got both on sale, and couldn’t be happier.

Speaks for Itself (Anonymous)

Wife was skeptical about this purchase. That skepticism melted away more or less instantly when we used it.

Great for G-Spots (Gavin)

This is a great little addition to our sex life. It made doggy style more comfortable and it allowed her to change the angle and hit her g-spot.

the angle is perfect (Anonymous)

Such a great product, this "bedroom adventure gear" is a must-have. Penetration gets a whole new and sexy angle.

What a pillow! (Shannon)

This pillow is incredible. It helps all the right spots get hit. It led to a fantastic orgasm!!
It's waterproof and doesn't slide on the sheets!

Buy this!

Awesome tool (Anonymous)

Why did i wait so long? . Are you waiting too? Wait no longer

Excellent product! (Anonymous)

I would recommend this product to anybody! You would really be surprised by the difference just a few inches in height can add! Great for doggystyle and missionary, but you'll have fun trying all kinds of different positions too. Easy to wash and store away. Enjoy!

Wonderful product (BK)

Great product. Perfect angle for hitting the G-Spot and so much better then pillows. Excellent size for travel and really easy to store. Washing is also super easy.

Another great Liberator (Anonymous)

We picked this up after thoroughly enjoying the Ramp. We found we were using some pillows with the Ramp and that didnt work well; the wedge works great and doesnt slide or shift off the Ramp. Its also great on its own and easier to grab in the moment then the bulkier Ramp.

Another great Liberator (Anonymous)

We picked this up after thoroughly enjoying the Ramp. We found we were using some pillows with the Ramp and that didnt work well; the wedge works great and doesnt slide or shift off the Ramp. Its also great on its own and easier to grab in the moment then the bulkier Ramp.