Rear Enders Plug in Black

Doc Johnson

Based On 25 Reviews

Rear Enders Plug in Black

Doc Johnson 3.96 Based On 25 Reviews

Perfect (Anonymous)


O. M. G. (Katherine)

This is an amazing plug! I've only been able to get it in half way while solo, but the orgasm from that was electrifying!

Love it! (Anonymous)

Could maybe be a bit longer, but the girth is perfect for my needs!

Product description

Huge, filling and sweet-spot angled, the classic Rear Enders plug features generous length, lots of stretch-inspiring thickness and a nice big base.

Firm at the surface, the Rear Enders' uniquely soft interior adds some comfortable flexibility and movement. Penetrating smoothly, the glossy curve naturally targets nerve-ending rich areas along the anal canal, massaging the prostate or g-spot. Wide at the T base, the Rear Enders won't slip too far during wear, plus, a sleek neck helps maintain position.

In body safe PVC, the Rear Enders cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: 6.5"
  • Insertable Length: 5"
  • Girth: 6" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: DJ-0245-02-CD | UPC: 782421279004 | MPN: 0245-02-CD (15)

Ratings / Reviews

!!!!!! (Anonymous)


Almost perfect (Anonymous)

If the neck was longer it woukd stay in better. Not enough space to hold it in tight, especially with thrusting.

Great plug (Chris)

It's a nice fit. Was a little big at first. Now it's great.

Really hits the spot, the P spot that is (Tony)

I blow a much bigger load with this pushing against my prostate - feels great!

Shape is great... (Christian)

The shape and size are just fantastic.
However, the neck could be slightly longer. My ass cannot "bite" into it, and it keeps sliding out.
I use it sitting, and the feeling is incredible, it hits the P-spot just right!

good toy (T)

Plug is a nice size and can go in and out quite comfortably. Only issue is that once all the way in it's not that comfortable so hard to use for an extended period.

Nice for her, average for him. (Anonymous)

Great toy. Refuses to stay in place for me. Girlfriend loves it tho.

Good for him and her (Catherine)

We can both use it. Nice curve that gets the good spots. Very easy to clean.

Great and durable plug (Jim)

I've had mine for years, great for beginners looking for something to stretch them out, for veterans as a warm up, and just comfortable enough to walk around with.

Amazing but small neck (Anonymous)

This is an amazing product gets the right girthand I love it but the neck is a little short doesn't like to stag in all the time

Feels great (Anonymous)

Wish it was a little longer but it feels great and makes your cum faster.

Great product (Bliss)

Good toy to start your stretch to the bigger toys of the night ;) I find it is a little awkward to have in fully, but the steady taper makes it a good starter for the intermediate anal players, I use it to warm up for my "red boy Large" plug, or for my 8" UR3 vac-u-lock dildo so I can take it from my wife ;) she also enjoys this to for vaginal play, as it can run her g spot well on insertion . Overall a nice stretch for most :)

good toy (Anonymous)

nice for the price , like other said hard to keep it in place .

Needs practice but... (Anonymous)

This toy is great but you need practice before you can figure out how to use it effectively. However, the size is perfect for intermediate-advanced users!

Good Toy (Anonymous)

The natural curve might not go too well with my anatomy as I can't quite get it fully in the right way, but it does well for prostate stimulation.

throbbing (AL)

This is a little larger then the plug I have been using, But is still managable. I have used this plug many times, in a couple different ways, and always enjoyed it. Today I was forced to take it in and out of my vag for a little over five minutes and i lost count of how many times I came. It left my clit throbbing and me begging for more. As well I'm in love with this fracking lube for anything anal, I use it with pretty much all my toys now. This set has definitely worked its way up in the ranks of my sex toy collection.

Love it (Joe)

Feels amazing. Doesn't stay in place well. Favourite toy right now.

Feels good, man (Anonymous)

Fits nicely, feels great. As the other reviewer said, neck could be longer, as it doesn't stay in place well.

Great Toy (Anonymous)

This is a great toy for intermediate users. Takes a while to work in but worth it.

Great buy (Nick)

It can be difficult to hold and use sometimes, due to it being kind of short, but I've found a great way to use it is sitting in on a surface, and riding it. It was a great price, it feels great, and it's so easy to clean. Overall...pretty awesome.

Great for stroking your prostate (TH)

The natural curve is great for stroking your prostate it feels great,but the neck needs to be a little longer so it will stay in place, and it would feel a little better if there were bumps or ridges on it to give you a bit more fun on the way in and out. Over all- good buy

Fun ride (annonymous)

Its size fits between medium sized and large sized plugs, so its a nice in-between. Feels really good, although it is not meant to stay in like a butt plug.