Pecker Freezer Pops

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SKU: ZPD-6611-00 | UPC: 603912747737 | MPN: PD661100 (1089)

SKU: ZPD-6611-00 | UPC: 603912747737 | MPN: PD661100 (1089)

Hailing from Pipedream's very well-stocked line of Bachelorette Party Favors, Pecker Freezer Pops add that must-have hint of naughty hilarity to the night.

Four sturdy plastic molds freeze a chosen beverage or pop mix into a classic shape. The pink stick is where the pecker comes in- slipped through the middle of the pop before freezing, it'll leave a perfect imprint or peep through a transparent pop.
Based On 1 Reviews
Pecker Freezer Pops


Works great. try to make something darker so your friends dont know its a dick till its way too late.

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