Mighty Mini Brute Vibe in Purple

Doc Johnson

Based On 32 Reviews

Mighty Mini Brute Vibe in Purple

Doc Johnson 4.53 Based On 32 Reviews

hummmm (Anonymous)

that good

Easy to use (Anonymous)

For a first time buyer this was really good and easy to use and clean. I prefer it without the sleeve.

Love it (Anonymous)

My first ever, does what it's meant to do

Product description

A tried-and-true top seller of a vibe featuring tons of reliable multi-speed power, a sleekly manageable shape and fully waterproof construction, the Mighty Mini Brute fits perfectly into just about any sexy situation.

Overtop a firm core stimulator, the Mighty Mini's super soft purple jelly tip lends tons of supple precision softness to a thrillingly lifelike shape. Transferring the toe-curling power of the vibe extremely well, the removable sleeve also picks up body heat quickly and becomes nice and slick with the addition of a good lube.

In hygienic ABS plastic plus Doc's signature SilAGel enhanced PVC, the Mighty Mini Brute cleans easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with water based lubricants. Requires 1 AA battery (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 6"
  • Insertable Length: 5.25"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Realistic
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Textured Surface, Waterproof

SKU: DJ-0400-03-CD | UPC: 782421582500 | MPN: 0400-03-CD (14)

Ratings / Reviews

Great! Until its death.. (First time buyer)

This is a great lil guy. Big enough for first time users to be comfortable with, the gel felt great, easy & great price. The only downfall was it DID hold the silicone rubbery smell for my whole time having it (3 months). Which brings me to the next bit. After just 3 months, water got into the battery area so the vibe won't work. I tried new batteries & all so that's gotta be the reason. The vibes were always light so it wasn't a huge death but sad nonetheless. Good toy for first timers for sure but watch out for shelf life if you're a shower masturbator.

Product (Tara)

Not too bad

Very happy (Anonymous)

We really enjoyed this product.

Very pleased (Anonymous)

We are very satisfied with this product

Love (Bree Relstab)

I love the vibrator

Small but Satisfying (Anonymous)

This product is a great value. It is small and compact but the dial can provide varying intensity of vibrations. It is a perfect first time toy as it is small and it also has a removable jelly sleeve that can be removed if you desire a smoother surface. It is also ideal for people who are starting to explore anal because it is small enough to easily fit with a small amount of lube. Definitely a great buy at a great price.

Happy with purchase (Jman)

Happy! Could be stronger, but very nice side for small jobs

Love (Anonymous)

Love it!

Wonderful service (Anonymous)

It was great , just what I needed ! Will order again

Amazing vibrations (Anonymous)

I’m a bit new to penetration so it still feels weird to me, but the vibrations are amazing. Using it externally is amazing. The only thing I would do is make higher vibration settings, but the highest one is still really good.

I love it!! (Anonymous)

It was the first toy I ever got and I don’t regret my purchase for a second!

Gets you going (Anonymous)

This vibe is strong and gets you started and going

Amazing!!!! (Anonymous)

Love it!

Lovev It!! (Anonymous)

This is my husbands new favorite toy!! We use this during four play. It's just the right size, soft and easy to clean. Would recommend!!

Amazing (Anonymous)

This product is awesome it is my first vibrator I ever bought online and ever and I believe it was a good purchase. This product is also good with the cover on it adds girth and with the cover off it is still a good vibrator.

Good little product (Anonymous)

For the price, this is a good product. I tried it without the sleeve and like it better. Fast shipping.

It was good until... (Anonymous)

This was the first toy I ever bought! I loved him! He was the perfect size for me - aka, I wasn't intimidated, it didn't hurt me, yet still made me feel fantastic.
The vibrations aren't super strong, but still incredibly enjoyable. And due to its size and material, I was able to use it in both my pussy and my ass. So that was a bonus!
Now the downsides were... it has a HORRIBLE smell at first, that doesn't ever really "go away", it just dies down a lot, and because of that, it tastes horrible, lol.
Now the reason he's getting 4 stars is because... I took very good care of him, as did my partner when I just couldn't get up. We cleaned him after every use, kept him dry, stored him separately... and after maybe 20 uses (it was under that), it broke. The jelly layer has broken apart and now no longer looks pretty. I'm actually sad about it, but don't know if I want to buy a new one to replace him.
It was good while it lasted.

LOVE THIS THING!! (Anonymous)

Let me just say this was my first real dildo (I used other objects for penetration) and my first ever vibrator and all I can say is WOW. The texture is amazing and feels amazing whether it's on or in me. It does have a smell and a taste that don't seem to be going away. It's the perfect size for me - it's long enough without slamming into my cervix every time it goes in and it's just full enough it's never hard to get it in but I still feel full. The vibrations are nice, there's a good progression along the scale, but the dial on the bottom can be a bit tricky. Sometimes it slips from the highest position and once it's slippery is hard to control. And it absolutely gets slippery. There's no base or handle (So I'm hesitant to try this in my ass although I really want to) so it gets all those juices all over the bottom where you're trying to grip it. The sound level is good, I'm sure no one can hear it through my bedroom walls, even on high setting, but just to be safe I use it underneath my blanket and even I can't hear it so it's perfect. Cleans up real easy. LOVE IT! I would suggest this any day of the week and the price is great. Now I want to try bigger, but I can picture this thing in my toolbox for as long as it holds out.

nice (Anonymous)

as advertised...works good

Most excellent (Anonymous)

Small but powerful easy to use and clean

Money Well Spent! (Erika)

This is one of the first toys that me and my hubby have decided to purchase together and we were not dissapointed whats so ever. It's simple to use, easy to clean and maintain and keeps a very good battery life. (Not to mention purple is my favorite colour). We found that the speeds that it had were perfect, it's not too big nor too small, and it was not loud either. I really recommend this for anyone who is looking for a good vibrator for themselves (or for a toy to use with their partner). Out of the toys we bought in our first batch (we plan on buying more from this site) it's the one we use the most. Looking forward to purchasing more. No disapointment here :)

Good Things Come in Small Packages (Danielle)

First toy I ever bought back when it was on sale. First way i sucessfully learned to internally masturbate, tho small, it was slightly painful at first and the vibration isn't super strong compared to other things i've since bought off here but still very amazing! also, contaire to another review I see here, I personally like its smell. Purple is my favorite color and most of my items are purple XD

smells bad but ok (Anonymous)

The sleeve overtop smells bad!

Amazing (Anonymous)

First toy I ever bought, I have plenty more now but I still prefer this one to my we-vibe.

Pretty cool (Ashley)

My first time using a vibrator and I have to say that it's a pretty cool toy. At first I thought the vibrations were quite weak, so I played around with a few different positions and found one that worked well for me. I think this toy will be one I use mainly when I'm not focused on having an orgasm, more on having a little "distraction" while I do other things, but in no way do I regret the purchase.

Oh, and I love how quiet it is!

Excellent (Anonymous)

As a first time buyer I was super happy with this product! It's quiet, very easy to clean. Only issue is it has a very strong chemical smell but that went away after a few good washes with gentle soap.

Fun! (Anonymous)

First toy bought online and very happy with it! Easy to clean, great price, and shipped super fast! Came in 3 days when expected to come in 6. Very impressed!

Awesome (Anonymous)

This is my first toy and still being a virgin it was larger than I had imagined haha. But it's pretty nifty it's not too loud and does what I expected.

Great product (Anonymous)

I love this product. I used this and it caused me to squirt for the first time. It was awesome and I was proud because I read online its not easy for women to do. But this toy really helped.