Like a Virgin Break Through Stroker

Evolved Novelties

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SKU: EVO-014241 | UPC: 844477014241 | MPN: ZE-MS-4241-2 (0)

SKU: EVO-014241 | UPC: 844477014241 | MPN: ZE-MS-4241-2 (0)

Your hand is fantastic. Fabulous, even. Your partner's probably is, too. But sometimes, five fingers just aren't enough when it comes to, ahem, de-bugging the 'ol hard drive. Yes, we're talking about masturbation, for anyone not well versed in euphemism! So, what do you reach for when the handy won't cut it? How about Zero Tolerance's Like a Virgin Break Through Stroker? You'll still be using your hand, true, but you'll also get the benefit of a sexy virgin inspired sleeve, incredible snug softness and tons of texture.

Starting off with a perfect pink pussy, Like a Virgin is extra snug just past the entrance, letting you 'pop' through like the first time, every time. The plushy, squeezable interior is bouncy and clingy, gripping tight all the way through a multi-textured tunnel. The back end of the Virgin is closed off, so natural suction will build and build as you stroke.

To clean your Like A Virgin, rinse her well using warm water and some mild soap before and after use. It's very important to let the sleeve dry completely before storing it away, so please leave it out until then. A good water-based lube is your best bet. Use lots for a slippery, sex ride.
Evolved Novelties
  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 5.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End Masturbator