Juicy Kiwi Mini Masturbator

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very impressed

simple in design but very effective.



This toy is amazing, my boyfriend love the feeling in it, and I was so exited to help him to play with that we used it for a penetration. I am not sure that it is safe to do it but omg it was so good with the lube so silky Inside me. A new feeling for him and me too, at this price you can't lose money it's priceless for so much fun!!!


Little guy packs a punch

When i recieved it i was like damn this is small,and didnt think it was gona be all that great.boy was i wrong.that little guy had me squirtin my love juice everywhere.its a little small but works your head just right and i love the ripples on the inside.definatly a must have for beginners.

Product description

Creatively contained in a perfectly portable, completely discreet fruit-inspired case, the Juicy Kiwi stroker is ultra soft, thrillingly textured, and amazingly stretchy, fully surrounding the cock in question.

Tiny at its default size, the Kiwi lengthens to accommodate any size man, the nondescript entrance clings before widening into a ribbed chamber that needs simply to be squeezed, bringing the intensely stimulating inner walls closer. Fitting easily in hand and tucking away just about anywhere, the Kiwi is fantastically travel friendly, and ideal for both solo and shared stroke sessions.

Of an ultra plush, uniquely lifelike thermoplastic rubber blend, this little sleeve is easily cleaned with a liquid antibacterial soap and water or a good toy cleaning fluid. It needs to be dried thoroughly before storage, sprinkle with a little cornstarch powder to restore softness. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Orifice: Neutral
  • Length: 2.75"
  • Special Features: Open Ended

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Nice inexpensive lil helper. Great for when you are waiting for your next encounter. Very discreet.


a winner

first thing bf packs for our weekend getaways
great gift


Small but packs a punch

This masterbator isn't to bad at all, I was rly quite surprised.when I received it it was in a very discrete box with no way of telling what was inside.I opened it and there's this little guy inside the box I 1st thought wow its really small.then I took it home and tried it out, and wow was I surprised.the inside texture is great, the overall feeling of the entire product is very close to life like .my only complaint is that I wish it was just a little bit bigger, its definatly big enough to get over the head of the penis but your only going to get it to the base of your cock by tearing it ,unless u have a below average size cock. Then it'll be perfect for you.as far as use goes, I've used it 10 + times already and still no tearing or problems.makes sure you use antibacterial soap and warm water to clean and your set.not to mention it comes with its own lube tucked inside good for a couple uses and also comes with this very discrete little case you'd never guess what it is if you didn't really no.I'd definatly recommend this product as a beginner stroker.4 out of 5 just because I wish it was a little bigger



Very week made. Soft and stretchy.


e d solution

got kiwi for husband with e d with other toys unable to have strength of erection for entry this is perfect
simply slip over member which i enjoyed doing and great results

if you or your husband or bf has e d get this it is a game changer


Perfect and Inexpensive!

Was getting my boyfriend some toys to use when I'm away, and decided to give this little guy a try! We weren't sure what he'd like, as he's never had his own, so this was a good starting option. And he loves it! We love the added bottle of lube it comes with! We also both love the mess free option of this toy! Whether we use it together or he uses it solo, he really seems to love it! Super stretchy and suctions easily while in use. Make sure not to get the outside of it covered in lube from your hands, because it'll be REALLY hard to hold onto enough to stretch it out, lol. Definitely recommend it 100% for its price, it's compact/unrealistic shape, and for the easy clean up! If you're pondering getting it, JUST GO FOR IT!


Pretty nice (Red 'Raspberry' one is better)

I bought the Raspberry one of these first and it worked so well, I wanted to try this one. While the raspberry one is really stretchy and works amazingly well, with great sensations, this one is a bit less flexible and gives a different, but no less stimulating effect.

HERE'S A TIP: Place 2-3 drops of lube ONLY in the center of the toy and leave the edges dry. Stretch it over your tool and the dry area grips the base of you so when you explode, it traps everything inside. VERY EASY CLEANUP!


Amazing for the price

I assume I'll rip this thing at some point but haven't yet. The way this stretches and the way the texture feels is amazing. Just add a little lube and have some fun.


Super little toy!

Did the job. Very small, but super stretchy! Felt great, and definitely better than by hand. We tried it during penetration (another reviewer said it was good for this purpose), and were unimpressed, but not dinging any stars for that, since it isn't the intended purpose.


okay, good for travel

Texture is nice - more masturbators need better texture!

Its very stretchy without being torn. Good material for small storage size, and stretchy strength.

It basically only is good for just past the head. Anything further stretched and it puts alot on weird pressure to distract.

Anyway its great for traveling and somewhat discreet.



This one is a keeper ... Collect the complete set


bang for the buck!

very interesting item..does its job..price is just right..definitely a buy..


Interesting little idea

Did the trick but it's a little small


New fun for us

Very small. But very very stretchy! Boyfriend liked it. Easy to clean. Discreet. Fun!



We have five of the Juicy toys now, and they are all great quality and feel, but this one is my husband's new favourite. The ridges are slightly more subtle than in the others, but in a way which makes them feel more realistic