Fluffy Fascinator Throw in Black


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Fluffy Fascinator Throw in Black

Liberator 4.79 Based On 19 Reviews

A Squirters Must Have Item (Mitch)

This puppy really does the job well; no more trashed bedding. Fully machine washable and good in the dryer. Do suggest and extra spin cycle to shorter time in the dryer as this blanket really is very absorbent. Wish we had gotten this item sooner. Got it as a gift but had to offer up a review.....it is that good.

Best (Andrew)

The is simply the best thing ever. I sweat like crazy and it keeps our bed/furniture dry as can be. No more messes or wet spots.

Saving Grace (Sarah)

This is the second time I have bought one of these. They have saved my sex life as someone who squirts with each orgasam it has made our sex lives easier. And it's so soft what's not to love!

Product description

Get as down and dirty as you like, with no worries about your sheets or carpet. The Fascinator Throw is a big, sensually soft blanket with a luxurious microfibre material on one side and a slick satin fabric on the other. It feels deliciously plush against the skin as you roll around, and is specifically designed to quickly absorb fluids from sex and lube, as well as massage.

Your Throw's extra large 4.5 by 6 foot size covers tons of sexy surface area, allowing lovers to stretch out and get as creative as needed, it can be used it over sheets and blankets, over the couch, on the floor, in the backseat of the car, the list goes on.A specially created waterproof barrier between the two layers of softness wicks away moisture, keeping the play surface and comfortable, just toss it in the wash when things wind down and store it away till next time. The Throw completely discreet, and simply looks like a luxurious blanket. 4.5' x 6' (1.4m x 1.82m). Fully machine washable.

SKU: LIB-10326201 | UPC: 845628005729 | MPN: 10326201 (30)

SKU: LIB-10326201 | UPC: 845628005729 | MPN: 10326201 (30)

Ratings / Reviews

Not just for squirters... (Flick)

Although this is obviously pretty fantastic for partners who squirt, it's also really nice for keeping couches and bed linens clean and dry. No more dodging the Wet Spot! We have four of the goddamn things...

Great (Erin Smith)

This is exactly what I've been looking for, plush on one side and satin on the other. Other then the noise you wouldn't even know it is for intimate use, I keep it on my bed and use it as a throw! Best purchase in a long time!

So soft!! (Hayley)

It's super soft and works well for what I need it too, just wish it was a little bigger. Also to note, it absorbs a lot just not very quickly. But overall I love it!!!

Great product, delivers on promise (Sam)

The throe does exactly what it's suppose to do. My girl is a squirter and this has made our lives so much easier. If you don't want to change your sheets all the time, pick this up. The only con I would mention which I read about before purchase is that it does make a little bit of a crinkle sound. This is a small inconvenience for everything else it does right.

TOO absorbent?! (Anonymous)

Just kidding. Mostly. It's super soft and lovely and perfect and covers TONS of space, which is great, it just takes forever to dry because of all the moisture it holds. For a decent wash, use a slightly-more-than-normal amount of soap and a large or medium-level cycle and you should be good to go!

Cleaning is so Much Easier (Dan)

Water sports in the den or living room? Go ahead.
Do fluids get all over your floor, furniture or furnishings? No need!
This product greatly aids in the cleaning process after your sex-capade. It's enjoyable, soft to the touch and only makes faint crinkle noises during use. If you've had to use use or thought of using towels during your playtimes, consider this product. It's softer. It's larger. It's a fantastic product.

Fantastic!! (Anonymous)

Just like the package says, "Save the sheets for sleeping". Me and my wife absolutely love this product. It's not the first time buying it, it won't be the last one either!

Great (Me)

Wonderful just wish it was bigger but still works great

Great! (Kate)

Love this! Keeps the mess off my sheets and is machine washable. I would have given it 5 stars if not for one thing - it's fluffy side can get really warm against the skin. (Not ideal in this summer heat!)

Great (Anonymous)

Great product for massage.

good product (John)

This is a must have .it keeps all of our sexy time juices off of our sheets .would have gave it 5 stars if it would cover the whole bed

Why didn't I get this sooner!?! (Amy)

A fantastic idea! No more layers of towels for us! I love that you have two different material options. So far, we like the satin side because it is summer and too hot, but are looking forward to the soft, fluffy side in the winter.
Don't ever sleep in a wet spot ever again - get this throe instead!

Needs securing method (Connie)

Does exactly what it's supposed to - but slides all over ... Needs something to hold it in place

Dee lighted (Anonymous)

Perfection! Allows one to fully enjoy the pleasures of sex and all it's forms without the worry of changing or damaging bed linens. Everyone should have their own sex blanket....

No More Towels Needed! (Michelle)

This is an amazing throe. It is incredibly soft and feels awesome on the skin but more importantly it does what it says it's supposed to do. Talk about being waterproof! Wow! No more ruined mattresses from the large wet spots with all the serious sex sessions that are had. Just throw it in the wash and it's ready for the next time. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Great Product (Steve)

No more wet spots! The fluffy facinator throe is a must have for those couples who, ahem, tend to make a mess while fooling around, as it is fully waterproof. The product is very soft and feels nice against your skin. it is also an excellent size and covers a double bed easily. It is a pleasure to make love on. The only con is that the waterproof membrane tends to make a very light "crinkling" noise when moving around. This is a very minor annoyance and I would still give it 5 stars. Save your towels and get the fluffy facinator throe!