Dream-Lite Double Delight Stroker


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Product Description

SKU: NASS-3090 | UPC: 782631309003 | MPN: 3090 (0)

SKU: NASS-3090 | UPC: 782631309003 | MPN: 3090 (0)

Sure, when it comes to stroking, hands are great. Love 'em. But sometimes, five fingers just aren't enough when you or your penis owning partner are craving a really stupendous stroke session. Who you gonna call? How about Nasstoy's Double Delight Stroker? You'll still be using your hand, it's true, but you'll also reap the benefits of a double ended pussy/mouth sleeve, incredible snug softness and tons of texture.

First things first. Inside a tapered, easy-grip case, the removable double ended Superskin sleeve is just begging to envelop you or them. Starting off with a perfect replica of a pretty pussy or a soft mouth, the plushy, squeezable interior is bouncy and clingy, gripping tight all the way through a multi-textured tunnel. 

Lightweight and easy to maneuver, stroke and/or be stroked with, the Double Delight also happens to be extra discreet once the top cap is in place. That, of course, makes for lots of portability and plenty of on-the-go stroking potential. 

Now, the Double Delight is tight, make no mistake, but it you or they want it to be even more tight, keep the oposite end covered with a cap to let lots of sexy suction build.  

To clean your Double Delight Stroker, pop it out of the casing and rinse it well using warm water and some mild soap. It's very important to let the TPE (elastomer) insert dry completely before storing it away, so leave it out until then. A good water-based lube is your best bet - use lots for a slippery, sexy ride!

* The Double Delight is approximately 8"/20.3cm in total length and 3"/7.6cm wide
  • Orifice: Mouth, Vagina
  • Length: 8"
  • Special Features: Closed End Masturbator, Open Ended Masturbator