Chrystalino Glass Ben Wa Balls in Large

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SKU: ZZSHOTS-924155 | UPC: 8714273924155 | MPN: CHR024WHT (159)

SKU: ZZSHOTS-924155 | UPC: 8714273924155 | MPN: CHR024WHT (159)

Having an end goal in mind is the key to most of life's little (and big) undertakings. That bit of worldly wisdom is brought to you by the Chrystalino Glass Ben Wa Balls, because it most definitely applies to kegel training, too! When it comes to kegel exercises, or pelvic floor strengthening, the end goal and the very sexy benefits of that goal, is definitely worth working hard for- stronger, healthier, more pleasure and orgasm-receptive pelvic floor muscles.

Handing you or your vagina-owning partner two slick, weighted glass spheres tucked securely into a silicone sleeve, the Balls provide a great-feeling object for your pelvic muscles to grip during kegels - you'll have to flex to hold them in place. Over time, those inner contractions help to strengthen and tone the subtle pelvic floor muscles responsible for sexual pleasure, control and orgasm enhancement.

Designed for easy, worry-free kegel practise, the blue silicone sleeve holds your Balls in place, and features a handy looped retrieval cord. If you're just starting out and want to get comfortable with a lighter weight, you can remove one ball from the cradle (they pop in and out easily) and work your way up to both. If you're feeling confident, you can also work with either or both smooth glass balls solo.

In high quality silicone and borosilicate glass, the Chrystalino Glass Ben Wa Balls are body safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean and maintain. Wash well before and after use with some warm soapy water or a favourite toy care fluid/foam. The Balls can be safely enjoyed with any favourite water based lubricant. 

* The Large Glass Ben Wa Balls measure about 5.95" long in total (in silicone cradle) and 1.38" in diameter. Each ball weighs approximately 50 grams
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Chrystalino Glass Ben Wa Balls


Great weight and comfortable to use. And easy to clean since the glass balls are removable!

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