9 Inch Ballsy Super Cock in Black

Doc Johnson

Based On 40 Reviews

9 Inch Ballsy Super Cock in Black

Doc Johnson 4.7 Based On 40 Reviews

Amazing!!! (Alex)

Awesome toy! Slightly thick at the beginning, but after it is in - a wonderful feelings. Good length and thickness.

Understated... (Anonymous)

I have tried many different toys, but keep cumming back to this one. As an intermediate user, this one is perfect, not too big, not too small, just right for anal play. Not for the beginner it is large, but not so large as to be risky. Feels like silk and has just the right rigidity for long satisfying rides. If you only own one dong, this would be the one I would choose.

Pleasure cock (Anonymous)

After inserting a butt plug with a 7" girth, I can't feel this, but I love how deep it goes in my butt. Awesome feeling!

Product description

A hefty and exaggeratedly detailed dildo featuring all the stunningly stimulating thickness any serious pleasure seeker could wish for, Doc Johnson's classic 9 Inch Ballsy Super Cock penetrates deep to target every internal sweet spot with flexible precision.

Along with a girthy width that absolutely won't disappoint once inserted, the 9 Inch Ballsy's smooth cleft tip makes for comfortably quick penetration- once past the head, a ripply shaft remains quite equally thick down to a wide set of balls. Perfect for extra deep endeavors, those balls act as a barrier agasint accidental slips, they also provide a handle for manual maneuvers and make the Ballsy compatible with many O-ring type strap-on systems.

Of Doc's glossy, phthalate free PVC, the 9 Inch Ballsy is extremely easy to clean and maintain- simply rinse in warm soapy water or douse with a good toy cleansing fluid/foam before wiping dry with a clean cloth. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Length: 9"
  • Insertable Length: 8"
  • Girth: 6" at largest point
  • Width: 2" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0225-06-CD | UPC: 782421107000 | MPN: 0225-06-CD (24)

Ratings / Reviews

Wow! (Anonymous)

Bigger than what I'm accustomed to but well worth it!!!

Cocks of all cocks (Bri)

Was expecting it to be a little longer in length considering its 9" but nonetheless it was pretty good to get the job done.

Yup its big (K)

It doesn't replace the real thing, but it's a good time!

Big gift! (So big!)

I received this huge dildo as a gag gift I however got a little curious and after warming up with some other anal toys I have I took the whole thing and it was amazing!

Oh Em Gee!!! (Kayley)

This thing will rock your socks off! It reaches places I've never reached before. I highly recommend you try it!

Holy Moly Guacamole (Anonymous)

This dildo is massive. Great for a random fun night but you don't want to get used to the feeling if not "real live man penis" will bore you.

Exceeded expectations! (Anonymous)

This song really surprised me! I expected a very basic experience and was blown away. Amazing feeling of being full. 5 stars.

Oh, my yes! (Chef)

When I opened my box, and took this bad boy out I was pretty intimidated, but then I got some lube and tried it out. Didn't really need much lube at all. Easy to clean. Had a slight smell to it but I've noticed the smell has gone away with use and cleaning. There's no suction cup on it but with the weight of the balls and the non slip type bottom there's no need for one. Fills my kitty up very well. It's very realistic feeling. I'd recommend this to anyone wanting a real feel dildo. Don't let his size scare you away, it's great! Get one of your own and ride away ;)

Holy moly (Ankle grabber)

Should have read the reviews on this Darth Vader is a dildo! It’s very large and in charge so it’s for the experienced. If you don’t want no short dick dildo then Darth is for you!

Big cock (Wendy)

Felt really good . very filling inside. Great feeling

Excellent (Shelleay)


Great girth head (Andrew)

My wife loves how large the head on this new addition to our toys has she loves the fullness and how nicely it stretches her puss out to allow me to slide right in with ease

A little scary (Anonymous)

Like many others said, it's HUGE. I have another dildo that has 5.95" girth, so I thought I'd be able to take this one but it's much longer, so it took a while to get it in! Not for beginners!!


Awesome toy! Love the texture & way it fills me deep!

Fulfilling! (Anonymous)

This is awesome for when I'm getting ready for a good jack off session. I love how deep and thick it is. It hits all the right spots making me cum extremely hard.

Great (Harlekin)

Orgasme garantie

Nice texture (Anonymous)

Bigger than expected, very nice texture, a bit heavy.

He's a challenge! :) (Tiffany)

Bigger then I imagine. But love him!!!! Lots of lube ladies and gents!

OMG (Vi)

Just wow... My absolute favourite toy of all now. So realistic, heats quickly to match your body temperature and just so super big and yummy!

My recent purchase. (KT)

This piece is amazing.It works my wifs very well and adds loads of spice to our sex life.Caution though, is not for everyone. If you are not able to handle it maybe another piece will be a better choice for you and your partner.

heavy weight champ! (Anonymous)

If you feel the need to be fulfilled. .. this is the one! Very heavy though... when playing with it with my girlfriend, my wrists and forearms were sore! She did enjoy the deep and slow trusts... and kept begging for more

A real pleaser (C.)

This toy has presence and the ability to keep making its presence felt. The inexperienced may find the head a little large, but with lube and patience and maybe some work with a smaller dildo to prepare it will cooperate quite nicely.
This toy will fill you up, and is of sufficient length that if you plan to sit on it you need to have experience with significant pressure on your sigmoid due to the size of the head.
That aside, this is a very pleasurable toy and well worth the money.

Stays with you (C.)

The length is sufficient to please and the head is the widest part which is an advantage since it assures the toy will stay in place when you bend over instead of firing itself into the wall behind you, as many others try to do.
The smooth surface doesn't require much lube or re-lubing which is a nice plus.

This is a great toy for intermediate anal aficionados. It may be a bit much for newbies but hey, you can always add it to your collection and get to it later! It is just one of those toys that it feels great to plunk yourself down on and wriggle on for a while. Speaking of which, I left mine in another room, so 'Bye!

Greatness (Anonymous)

This is one of my favorite toys. Great for anal playing

A little bit scary (Anonymous)

Fun to look at, but I severely overestimated what i could handle ;)

Great (Anonymous)

Like it

HELL YES. (Rick)

So good I bought it twice. I had one but ended up losing it. Instead of trying anything new, I went straight back to this one. Burying this in your ass feels absolutely amazing. The mushroom head really pops as you slip over the glands and the veiny ridges do nothing more than excite you further. Best way to warm up is to lube this up, work it in, and just sit around on it for a while. Enough to pump all the blood out of your brain and straight into your dick. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and well worth the money. Do recommend.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Simply amazing! No other words!

Wide load (Anonymous)

The pictures for this dildo are deceiving, it is very thick in circumference as well in length. Was surprised at the size when it arrived. Defiantly a challenge for the average girl.

very FULLfilling (Anonymous)

I am so happy I added this to my toy chest.Its the perfect size and offers a great ride!