nipple play Advanced Nipple Suckers in Black


Based On 41 Reviews

nipple play Advanced Nipple Suckers in Black

CalExotics 4.46 Based On 41 Reviews

Great (Anonymous)

I first put them on my wife and she was all "wtf" then we gave it a couple mins and she was loving it. Highly recommended. The feeling after she takes them off sure lasts a while too.

Major Turn-On (R)

These nipple suckers are extremely effective and a major turn on, after using them for 10-15 minutes my nipples were engorged, are far thicker than I've ever seen them before. Would def recommend to a friend. (Also, seconding the tip about using lube or lotion to enhance the usage of these babies.)

Great (Squishy)

Wonderful suction and easy to use, highly recommended

Product description

Sucking thrillingly at any particularly sensitive bit of skin, California Exotic's nipple play collection presents the Advanced Nipple Suckers, a duo designed for simple, quick attachment and blissfully stimulating results.

Naturally drawing blood to the peaks of the breasts when attached, a deliciously devious interior suction effect perks up the nipples, inspiring nearly instantaneous arousal and vastly increasing sensitivity to touch, tugs, flicks and otherwise. To attach, simply position over the desired nipple (or other nerve-ending rich external sweet spot) and gently squeeze. Upon release, the suction activates, gently yet firmly drawing skin inward.

In a safe and ultra sturdy phthalate-free PVC material, the Suckers require just a rinse in warm soapy water to see them squeaky clean and ready for enjoyment.

* The Suckers are 2.1" (5.3cm) in length, default (un-squeezed) inner diameter is .9" (2.3cm).

SKU: CE-2644-03-3 | UPC: 716770053282 | MPN: SE-2644-03-3 (0)

SKU: CE-2644-03-3 | UPC: 716770053282 | MPN: SE-2644-03-3 (0)

Ratings / Reviews

I Like :) (Special K)

I Have 1 Word to Describe these Awesome !!

Worth the cost (Amy)

The hubby loves them, and I haventngot any complaints either.

Love the Advanced nipple suckers (Anonymous)

I really love these nipple suckers. They are just the right size and apply the perfect amount of suction. They are easy to wash too.

suckers (Anonymous)

strong...good suction...(I can see this wearing out. though.)

Advanced Nipple Suckers (Glenn)

Strong suction, durable product. Easy to use and they stay on compared to other nipple suckers I've used. Size creates a nice visual as well...

Wonderful (Anonymous)

My wife just loves them they are now a regular part of our play

nipple suckers (julea)

great nipple suckers,wider and more pliable and softer than the older black stiff ones,have not broken nipples with these ones either,i can see size difference already and my nips get really big

Amazing! (Anonymous)

I was nervous about trying these for a first time, but they are great! I absolutely love them!

Perfect fit (Eric)

Got these for my wife as she is to sensitive for nipple clamps. These were perfect and she loved the nipple play. Very happyou man!

Better than anticipated (Judy)

I wasn't really expecting a lot. Was very impressed, suction is good and they stay on really well. I would recommend to beginners and advanced.

work well (Anonymous)

These are great they can be worn for extended amounts of time, and work great.

Yup, these are awesome. (Anonymous)

Bigger than expected but nothing to worry about. Girlfriend and I both enjoyed these! Don't leave them on to long though or you'll get nipple hickies lol definitely use lube and ease your way into full suction if you're sensitive already.

Great addition to play time (Anonymous)

Fantastic suction, perfect size and increases my orgasim if taken off while it's happening. Using a bit of lip balm on the edge help keeps the suction strong. My nipples are sensitive and enlarged for a few hours after use.

Great Product (Anonymous)

Great nip toys, suction's strong and stay attached. Intensity can be adjusted by how hard the bulbs are squeezed prior to application.

Good nipple stimulators (Saskpair)

Wife not quite ready for nipple clamps, these are a great alternative for nipple play.

Great product! (Bliss)

Me and the wife both LOVE having these on! The make your nipples so sensitive if worn for extended periods, great for bdsm play and works amazing when used on clit ;) only thing I would like is a little more suction, I've squeezed all the air out of these applied them then pinched the sides that don't collapse inward to create more intense suction ;) a must buy for nipple play! ;3

tease (Anonymous)

my gf was a little worried about using them at first but after getting her to wear them for a bit and now she loves them on and for them to be twisted and pulled on cause it makes them so sensitive

Great! (Jane)

Not the sexiest look lol, but does the trick! Lots of sensation great turn on!

Good for price, nice suction (Craig)

Nice suction, not for advanced play, but did use on nipples heightens sensitivity like it's sapose to works well with clit too

Great suction! (Anonymous)

These are great for enhancing arousal. Makes my nipples so big and hard. Also really fun to play with on my clit.

WOW (Anonymous)

Gives just the right amount of suction.

Pretty Good (Anonymous)

This product was bigger than expected but glad that it was as it covers more area. I had expected more suction/affect but it works okay

Great product (Happywife)

This product is fantastic. Definitely an advanced product. Will make your nipples extremely sensitive, even for hours for days after play. Use lube (flavored is best) to ensure best suction and suckability.

Ok suction, ok size (Anonymous)

This looked like the best option out of all the other nipple suckers on this site. They're ok. I wish they were bigger - to encompass more areola. And the suction is ok. Be careful with storage, as I originally stored one sucked up against the other - this wears out the rubber and reduces suction.

Awesome (sky)

Works well, feels great. Nipples are still sensitive for hours afterwards. A tip I picked up online is that if it's not suctioning properly use chapstick around your nipples then put the suckers back's really incredible and feels even better!!

Brilliant (DM)

The added arousal from these the girlfriend really enjoyed. Recommend

amazing (anonymous)

i love the nipple suckers right from the first day of use they are enlarging my nipples and helping with the inverted one. They stay on great until released which i have warn for 4 hrs straight Love them

Awesome!! (Crystal)

I am in love with these things. My nipples get so swollen and sensitive with a few minutes of these on. I love the adjustability of the suction and that with a little lube or lotion my whole (large) nipples get sucked in.

Love them (Anonymous)

Absolutely love these, the sensation is great!!!!!

Great little suckers. (Jessica Dark)

They work pretty good. May cause a few giggles as they kinda make you look like you have clown noses for nipples. ;)