12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant in .34oz/10ml

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SKU: SJ-412176 | UPC: 796494412176 | MPN: 41217 (131)

SKU: SJ-412176 | UPC: 796494412176 | MPN: 41217 (131)

An exciting, ultra stimulating gel that (very!) noticeably intensifies clitoral sensation, System Jo's 12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant works by triggering nerve endings and sensory receptors in the skin- some users report feeling an actual buzz, no vibrator required! 

Simply apply a small amount to the clitoris and gently massage- either yourself or your playmate can do the honors. You'll feel a warm tingling after about 3-5 minutes, which can last up to 45 minutes. It's best to start with a small amount to monitor the effect to your preference, you can always add more if needed. 

12 Volt is not intended for use as a contraceptive or lubricant, and is not compatible with condoms. For external use only. L-arginine free.
System Jo
Based On 4 Reviews
12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

Volt provides a jolt!

The best bang for the buck in my opinion having tried many clitoral stimulants. From the moment of application the intense buzz continued to an incredible release. The entire Jo Volt series of stimulants are outstanding. Time for a reorder!

12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

Love this product!

I felt an intense buzz feeling. Lasted linger than expected. 4 stars just for the size of the tube.

12 Volt Clitoral Stimulant

This little tube packs a punch

one would think that such a small amount surely isn't worth the cost. Its worth it... we don't go crazy and use it every time but when the kink level gets strong, this stuff helps jolt it over the top.

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