100% Leather 3 Ring Leash & Collar

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Product description

Very possibly the only collar you'll ever need and/or want, this premium leather classic comes to you (and a playmate's neck) straight from the professional grade Mistress Series by Isabella Sinclaire.

Fully circling the neck and securing tightly with a lockable brushed metal buckle (the lock isn't included), the 3 Ring, as per the name, features not one, not two, but three fully functional O ring attachments. Riveted sturdily to the supple black leather, each of those three rings can connect to  leashes collars, cuffs and more. A nice long leather leash is included, so you can keep your collared-up mate from wandering too far.

Spot clean the durable leather as needed using a good leather cleaner. Leash measures 47" (119.4cm) in total. Collar fits from 15 to 19" (38-48cm).

SKU: XR-030283 | UPC: 848518030283 | MPN: IS107 (10)

SKU: XR-030283  |  UPC: 848518030283 |  MPN: IS107 (10)

XR Brands