Pleasure Mix Latex Condoms in 24 Pack

Pleasure Mix Latex Condoms

  • Pleasure Mix Latex Condoms
  • Pleasure Mix Latex Condoms

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Pleasure Mix Latex Condoms in 24 Pack

Great (Mel)

I am not a fan of condoms but I really like these, especially because the box offers a variety of different sensations. There are 4 different condoms that come in the same box. Two textured, one "performax", and one flavoured.
I can't really feel the textures, they feel just like a normal condom, but I find that they help me to reach orgasm easier.The flavoured ones are great for protected oral sex. The flavour isn,t the best i've taste but isn't that bad. I can't really tell the difference between a normal condom and the performax, but maybe a guy could.
Overall, these are great to experiment with different kinds of condoms.

love variety, love sex (Anonymous)

Durex is certainly not the premier brand in its field, but they do what they claim! For the undecided or the spontaneous, this variety pack will give you a bit of everything.

Product Description

With over 75 years of experience, you could say that Durex has perfected the art of protection! Not only do Durex condoms protect against sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancy; they're also designed to enhance and improve your sex life. The Durex Pleasure Mix is a package of 24 latex condoms with assorted textures to enhance sensation. You get 4 each of Performax, Intense Sensation, Tropical, Her Sensation, Sensi-Thin, and Pleasuremax condoms. Like all Durex condoms, the condoms in the Pleasure Mix pack are electronically tested for reliability. Add some adventure to your love life!

Pack contains 4 each of:

  • Performax - Prolongs sexual pleasure with a gentle desensitizing lube inside
  • Intense Sensation - Studded for extreme pleasure
  • Tropical - Assorted colors and banana, strawberry and orange flavor
  • Her Sensation - Specially placed ribs and a berry scent
  • Sensi-Thin - Super thin for exceptional sensitivity
  • Pleasuremax - Shaped and studded to intensify sensation

Durex condoms contain latex, a natural rubber which can cause allergic reactions. If you or your partner have an allergy to latex, talk to your doctor before using. Always use a rubber compatible lube with a latex condom, water based lubes are the best choice.



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