Fluffy Fascinator Throw in Black

Fluffy Fascinator Throe

  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe
  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe
  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe
  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe
  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe
  • Fluffy Fascinator Throe

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Fluffy Fascinator Throw in Black

Great product, delivers on promise (Sam)

The throe does exactly what it's suppose to do. My girl is a squirter and this has made our lives so much easier. If you don't want to change your sheets all the time, pick this up. The only con I would mention which I read about before purchase is that it does make a little bit of a crinkle sound. This is a small inconvenience for everything else it does right.

TOO absorbent?! (Anonymous)

Just kidding. Mostly. It's super soft and lovely and perfect and covers TONS of space, which is great, it just takes forever to dry because of all the moisture it holds. For a decent wash, use a slightly-more-than-normal amount of soap and a large or medium-level cycle and you should be good to go!

Cleaning is so Much Easier (Dan)

Water sports in the den or living room? Go ahead.
Do fluids get all over your floor, furniture or furnishings? No need!
This product greatly aids in the cleaning process after your sex-capade. It's enjoyable, soft to the touch and only makes faint crinkle noises during use. If you've had to use use or thought of using towels during your playtimes, consider this product. It's softer. It's larger. It's a fantastic product.

Product Description

Get as down and dirty as you like, with no worries about your sheets or carpet. The Fascinator Throw is a big, sensually soft blanket with a luxurious microfibre material on one side and a slick satin fabric on the other. It feels deliciously plush against the skin as you roll around, and is specifically designed to quickly absorb fluids from sex and lube, as well as massage.

Your Throw's extra large 4.5 by 6 foot size covers tons of sexy surface area, allowing lovers to stretch out and get as creative as needed, it can be used it over sheets and blankets, over the couch, on the floor, in the backseat of the car, the list goes on.A specially created waterproof barrier between the two layers of softness wicks away moisture, keeping the play surface and comfortable, just toss it in the wash when things wind down and store it away till next time. The Throw completely discreet, and simply looks like a luxurious blanket. 4.5' x 6' (1.4m x 1.82m). Fully machine washable.

Product Code: 10326201
UPC Code: 845628005729
ITEM: LIB-10326201

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