3-in-1 Summer Massage Candle 6oz/170g in Casanova

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SKU: EB-290077 | UPC: 810040290077 | MPN: HSC035 (0)

SKU: EB-290077 | UPC: 810040290077 | MPN: HSC035 (0)

Bonfire smoke, coconut sunscreen, a sun-baked lake - the smells of summer are finally in the air, and so is the scent of Earthly Body's summer 2020 3-in-1 Casanova Massage Candle!  

A sweetly scented, clean-burning candle, silky smooth massage oil and ultra effective moisturizer all in one, the Hemp Seed 3-In-1 Massage Candle from Earthly Body is a healthy, environmentally friendly, downright delectable treat ideal for sensual souls. 

Made with completely natural, high end ingredients that nourish and moisturize skin while adding a dreamily smooth, friction-free glide to hands-on touch, the melty, indulgent scent and silky texture helps soothe away stress and tension. 

To use, light up the candle and place it somewhere safe while the wax melts into a super smooth moisturizing oil and an incredible scent fills the room. Next, blow out the candle, and drizzle or spoon the pleasantly heated wax over the body and massage into the skin. 

Anyone with sensitive skin will appreciate the truly natural ingredient list, you can pronounce and recognize everything, from soybean, coconut, hemp seed, apricot, jojoba and avocado oils to nourishing Vitamin E. 

The 3-in-1 Summer Massage Candle  brags a burn time of several hours. Unused wax will solidify as it cools,  letting you enjoy the oil as long as it lasts. Contains 6oz (170gl) of oil.
Earthly Body
Based On 1 Reviews
3-in-1 Summer Massage Candle 6oz/170g


I was a little nervous to try wax play for the first time but this is a perfect beginner's candle! Minimal mess since it just rubs into my skin as a luscious body oil. Smells SO GOOD too I ended up using it simply as a candle one night. Love the ingredients, it leaves my skin feeling silky to the touch! Definitely recommend for a beginner to wax play like me or if you just want a yummy candle :)

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