BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Strawberry

BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz.

  • BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz.

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BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Strawberry

Fun! (Anonymous)

Won't change that much on the feels, but it's so much fun it's worth it. And I love the taste.

Pretty tasty (Anonymous)

Very sweet but pretty good!

Whoa!! (Jennifer)

Get it. Just get it. Such an amazing new experience like we've never felt before. Get 10 of every flavour!

Product Description

For an unforgettable oral sex experience, fill your mouth with BJ Blast before heading down, it's a fizzy, popping, bursting treat with a deliciously sweet taste. If you've eaten pop rocks candy, you'll recognize the sensation on your tongue; it does, however, have a much subtler result for an exciting, uniquely stimulating addition to a classic sex act. Package contains 18 grams (.035oz).

Product Code: PD 7432-60
UPC Code: 603912262650
ITEM: PD-7432-60

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